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Purple Daze

Purple Daze

What a surprise it was to be strolling down the aisles at ALA and seeing Sherry Shahan in your booth, decked out in 60’s regalia, signing copies of her terrific new book, Purple Daze. I read it on the plane to San Diego, and enjoyed every minute of it! I’m a sucker for epistolary novels, and once the letters started flowing between the characters, I knew I was completely hooked. Sherry has perfectly captured the sounds and sights of the Bay area in the Vietnam-era, and through her characters, I felt the sense of uncertainty and danger of the time. On the verge of 18, almost adults, the six characters provide different viewpoints on the war, relationships, and each other that are intimate and illuminating. No other YA title covers this troubled time in our country’s history quite like Purple Daze, and I hope that readers will learn more and ask questions when they put the book down. The timeline in the back matter is a perfect touch.

Congratulations to Running Press and Sherry Shahan for publishing Purple Daze – well done!

Cheers, Dodie

Dodie Ownes, MLS

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