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Stories My Father Told Me

Stories My Father Told Me

In May, Abbeville will publish Stories My Father Told Me: Notes from “The Lyons Den” by Jeffrey Lyons. Check out some of the blurbs on this book!

“These stories are wonderful! I saw Leonard Lyons on a lot of nights out in Manhattan and if he told these stories, they’re true!”—Kirk Douglas

“Leonard Lyons genuinely admired the people he wrote about. And knowing this, they would open up to him and tell him the colorful stories that were his bread and butter, and that the readers loved.” —Charles Osgood, from the Foreword

“No one did more to promote New York’s deserved reputation as a capital of glamour and culture…a century after his birth, the legacy of Leonard Lyons lives on. The names on the marquee may have changed, but the memory of Leonard Lyons remains a guiding light in New York City’s cultural community.” —New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

“For four decades ‘The Lyons Den’ was an institution and will be invaluable to historians seeking behind-the-scenes glimpses of that long era.” —Clyde Haberman, formerly of the New York Post (1976 tribute)

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