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Gangs by Richard Swift

Gangs by Richard Swift

This title will surely appeal to your teen readers and adults interested in the topic. Gangs addresses the heavy topic of gang violence and is part of a wonderful series of informative books called Groundwork Guides. Through a very engaging writing style, author/journalist Richard Swift explores the history of gangs around the world and raises controversial topics designed to exercise readers’ critical thinking skills. This past May Booklist Magazine gave it a starred review complimenting Gangs for its “…clearly documented references, a sharp wit, and a passionate commitment…” and noting that “…this will grab teens, and adults, too, with its compelling arguments about why kids join gangs and what happens when greed, poverty, and injustice intersect.”

If this topic interests you, take a look at the other titles in this multi-author series, Groundwork Guides published by Groundwood Books. The series covers a wide variety of social and political issues such as climate change, oil, slavery and even hip hop (just to name a few).Gangs is the 16th title in this fantastic collection of books.

by Richard Swift.
ISBN-13 978-0-88899-979-5
Groundwork Guide Series
Trade Cloth, $18.95

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