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The Actual is Limited: The Possible is Immense.

The Actual is Limited: The Possible is Immense.

Spark : How Old-fashioned Values Drive a 21st Century Corporation: Lessons from Lincoln Electric’s Unique Guaranteed Employment Program


From the author-

It was 13 years ago when I first heard about an American manufacturing company that promises never to layoff its workers and has kept that promise, while remaining profitable, for more than 6 decades. In the years since, on virtually every occasion that I’ve started to tell the story, the reaction from listeners has invariably been a raised eyebrow, a slight smile, followed by “you’re kidding, aren’t you?”

These days, with a new economic depression on everyone’s mind, most people also add, wistfully, “wouldn’t that be nice to believe in.”        

SPARK is about believing that successful companies really can put their employees first and still win in the marketplace.


Praise for Spark 

“A fascinating depiction of a rare human resource practice in a company with a long and hearty track record—food for thought for the rest of us.” —Harvard Business Review

“Striking … against the backdrop of the layoff mania that has claimed more than eight million American jobs since late 2007.” —Wall Street Journal

“Koller offers a fascinating insight into a singular operation that may be an alternative for layoff-plagued America.” —Akron Beacon-Journal

“In a time of recession, massive layoffs, and Wall Street bailouts, Spark tells the remarkable story of the better side of American capitalism: Lincoln Electric, the billion dollar manufacturer that succeeds by treating its employees the right way.  This book should be required reading for everyone who wants to make the economy work for us all, from the President and his economic advisors to business leaders and employees everywhere.” —Richard Freeman, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

“A timely book, well researched and well written. Business, labor, and government leaders would do well to read Spark as they search for more equitable and sustainable principles for rebuilding trust in management, and getting compensation once again growing in tandem with productivity and profits.” —Thomas A. Kochan, George M. Bunker Professor of Management and  Co-Director, MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research

“A fascinating glimpse into this remarkable yet, in many ways, ordinary organization, which survives, even thrives, in a sunset industry where overseas outsourcing is the norm…. Instructive and heartening, this book offers a proven model for companies that not only want healthy bottom lines but also satisfied, dedicated employees.” —Publishers Weekly



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