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Having read an advanced copy of this book months ago, I’ve been sitting here holding my excitement and eagerness to talk about it until its actual release. But now I don’t have to because a lot of early enthusiasm about Ashfall has begun to seep out to the world – like this recent post on the School Library Journal blog!

I can’t tell you how eager I am for everyone to have a chance to read Mike Mullin’s debut YA novel. Ashfall fits right in with the growing popularity of dystopian young adult series. Alex, our 16 year old protagonist, meets Darla along his journey to survive the aftermath of a volcanic eruption from the super-volcano that lies beneath Yellowstone Park. Together they travel through the ash covered Midwestern landscape to find Alex’s family in Illinois. So realistic is Mullin’s interpretation of the disaster that I went out and bought my emergency preparedness kit right after I finished the last page. Sound intriguing? I thought so and have proceeded to rave about it to everyone I know since I finished it. The best part about Ashfall is that the story will continue – this title is the first in a trilogy, I almost can’t contain my excitement for the next one.

Ashfall will publish in October, 2011 by Tanglewood Press.

by Mike Mullin
Trade Cloth $16.95
ISBN-13 978-1-933718-55-2

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