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On behalf of our publicist Emily (aka Juror #7), I’m happy to tell you that we have fantastic national publicity lining up for The Whole Damn Deal! Kathryn McGarr will be interviewed on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” (10/7) and on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (10/18). In addition, the Washington Post has assigned a review, date TK.

THE WHOLE DAMN DEAL  by Kathryn J. McGarr


Robert S. Strauss was for many decades, the quintessential political operator. He played a pivotal role in US politics for more than fifty years, serving as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, US Trade Representative, and US Ambassador to the USSR and later Russia. He has advised and represented many US presidents for both major political parties. Yet, we know very little of this man who has been so influential behind the scenes.

This is the story of how Bobby Strauss, a poor, Jewish boy from West Texas, became Robert S. Strauss, a lawyer and politician of national and international renown. Strauss entered national politics when Beltway outsiders were planning their takeover of the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the divisive 1968 Chicago convention.

THE WHOLE DAMN DEAL takes a look at what went on in the smoke-filled rooms, and in the bathrooms of the hotel suites, “where the real decisions were made,” as Strauss likes to say. It is a vivid portrait of a bygone era of civilized Washington politics, when Republicans and Democrats worked together without fear of criticism.


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