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James Madison

James Madison

JAMES MADISON By Richard Brookhiser

ISBN: 9780465019830 – E-book ISBN: 9780465027996

A major new biography of the celebrated president, politician, philosopher, and founding father revealing his tumultuous journey to shaping the constitution and the whole of American history.


Richard Brookhiser is confirmed for an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for next Thursday, October 20.

The Wall Street Journal’s previously announced review will run in tomorrow’s paper (October 13):

“Richard Brookhiser, in the latest in his series of concise and highly readable books about the Founding Fathers, conveys the man in full and files a strong paternity suit pointing to Madison as the father of American politics.”

The full review is attached, or you can read it online here:

And to re-cap the other previously announced upcoming major national media:

G. Gordon Liddy Show – 10/19

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 10/20

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show – 10/20

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Show – Live interview, 10/20

New York Times Book Review – 10/30

Library Journal – Review

Kirkus Reviews – Review

More to come!

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