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Introducing BZK Press

Introducing BZK Press

BZK Press is the exclusive worldwide publisher of the Rich Dad Advisor series of books — comprehensive “how to” companions to Robert Kiyosaki’s bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad.  These are timely and accessible business and personal finance books written by legal, tax, and business experts selected by Kiyosaki as his advisors.

The first book in this series, a revised edition of the Business Week and Wall Street Journal bestseller The ABCs of Real Estate Investing, goes on sale this week.  This book has been out of print since December 2010 and has now been updated with new material and new cover look.  There is also a foreword by Robert Kiyosaki. 

The message is simple:  most people miss the hidden profits in property management and this book will teach you the secrets to increasing your income and cash flow through real estate.


The ABCs of Real Estate Investing:  The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss


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