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Country of the Bad Wolfes

Country of the Bad Wolfes

If you’re into Westerns, then you will love the new book, just out from Cinco Puntos Press, Country of the Bad Wolfes. But don’t take my word for it, try these wonderful reviews:

Kirkus Reviews: “A rollicking tale … that acquires depth as it moves across generations and national boundaries … Blake doesn’t mind a boudoir but his real strengths come in describing manly mayhem, which he portrays with uncommon poetry … [With] Cormac McCarthy’s tutelary spirit [and] soupçons of Garcia Márquez … the book keeps good company … full of wry humor and thoughtful writing.” (Read the full review here.)

Library Journal: “A great read from start to finish, full of grit, local color, and a large cast of vibrant characters … this brawling, high-spirited, and superbly realized family saga … offers many pleasures, including endearing characters, unlikely love stories, and all manner of mayhem. Highly recommended for fans of literary fiction.” (Full review in print only.)

Publisher’s Weekly: “Murder, politics, and illegitimate children fuel this engrossing and wonderfully realized saga…readers will be curious to see what tragedies befall the Wolfes and whether the family will be redeemed.” (Read the full review here.)

Texas Monthly: “Blake’s boisterous tenth novel unspools an epic filial tale, detailing the confluence of Mexico’s ill-starred destiny with the fate of an Irish-British-American family so thoroughly accursed that it seems almost inevitable that the clan should become Mexican … A multigenerational saga [with] wonderfully drawn characters … Blake excels in gorily choreographed fight scenes [and] while [he] keeps you immersed in his wildly picaresque tale, he slowly reels in the novel’s dark take-home: it doesn’t matter if your distant ancestry is pre-Columbian or Hibernian, Aztec or Iberian. Sooner or later, it’ll catch up with you.” (Read the full review here.)

Booklist: “This is historical fiction in the manner of Umberto Eco…many-faceted, slow, and savory.” (Read the full review here.)

Shelf Awareness: “[I]mbued with the magical realism of García Márquez … [and] the frontier brutality of Cormac McCarthy … Blake’s story will entertain fans of historical and adventure novels alike.” (Read the full review here.)

Texas Observer: “Spanning three generations, [Blake] spins the tale of a family ‘cursed by twin passions.’ Some in the Wolfe clan are ‘in thrall to the passions of the flesh,’ others ‘to a passion for risks of blood,’ and many are ‘damned by both.’ Love and violence rule the day, and are parceled equally between the sexes … Country of the Bad Wolfes is an engrossing novel.” (Read the full review here.)

GQ: “Blake’s literary badlands are uniquely his own — crime novels set in well-researched historical settings that manage to avoid crime-fiction clichés.” (Read the full interview here.)

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