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Jimmy the Greatest!

Jimmy the Greatest!

“Once in a while I’ll be impressed by a book for kids, pick it up to review it, and in the course of writing the review become more and more impressed as I return to the book for double, triple, quadruple looks.” says NYPL librarian and blogger Elizabeth Bird as she opens her wonderful review for Jimmy the Greatest!, one of Groundwood’s new picture books this Spring. And we couldn’t agree more with what Ms. Bird has to say about this lovely book celebrating community in a small town with a message that kids all over will relate to.

Rather than heading off to the big city to become a boxer like Muhammad Ali, Jimmy stays in his small home village to keep up the small gym and build a library, helping to keep the closely knit community together. “Jimmy the Greatest! is both a window into a new place and a mirror of where a lot of kids are and may be content to stay. A fantastic title and a book I’d encourage every community to purchase, regardless of where in the world you reside.” Read the rest of Betsy Bird’s review on her blog A Fuse # 8 Production

Jimmy the Greatest!
by Jairo Buitrago
Illustrated by Rafael Yocketeng
Available now!

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