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CAT IN THE NIGHT in School Library Journal!

Madeleine Dunphy’s beautiful and educational book Cat in the Night (By Madeleine Dunphy; Illustrated by Joshua S. Brunet; 9780988330368; Web of Life Children’s Book; Trade Cloth, Picture Book; $16.95) has received a glowing review in School Library Journal! Cat in the Night follows Rusty the cat’s adventures through the night as his owner, a little girl named Gwen, is sleeping soundly back at home. Readers get to experience the nighttime through the eyes, ears, and nose of Rusty, and will learn even more with a “More About Cats” page in the back that explains more about feline senses.

“During his search, [Rusty] meets a skunk, raccoons, a mouse who turns into a midnight snack, and an opossum. Observant readers will delight in spotting the ‘intruder’ in a number of scenes, which builds suspense and anticipation. Brunet’s gorgeous, full-spread illustrations perfectly set the moonlit tone. The depictions of cats and other animals are realistic, with lots of details for readers to pore over and discover. The two felines finally meet, and the inevitable tussle ensues, with Rusty managing to successfully chase off the culprit. The sun is just coming up when we see Rusty making his way back home for a quick bite to eat before curling up in bed with Gwen again—the story satisfyingly comes full circle. This tale will speak to children’s imaginings of pets or toys having another life while they sleep. A quiet and suspenseful nighttime adventure that will appeal to cat lovers.” –School Library Journal

Other praise for Cat in the Night:

Cat in the Night is the real deal. This is a great little book.” —John Bradshaw, bestselling author of Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet

“Realistic illustrations created with acrylic, oil, and colored pencil capture the drama of Rusty’s nighttime adventures. His taffy-and-white fur jumps out against the dark shapes and shadows of the backyard, highlighting his activities. Double-page close-ups and unusual perspectives invite a cat’s-eye view. A ‘More About Cats’ page reinforces the textual and visual focus on feline senses. Intriguing peek into the secret life of cats.”-Kirkus

“Deftly written by Madeleine Dunphy and charmingly illustrated by Joshua S. Brunet, Cat in the Night is an impressively entertaining story about a little girl falls asleep just as her cat wakes up. Children ages 5 to 9 who have ever wondered what their cat does at night will experience the night-time world through the cat’s eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, and feet as he travels the neighborhood, meeting up with other denizens of the night. Thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ and wonderfully entertaining from first page to last, Cat in the Night is very highly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections.”-Midwest Book Review

“As Gwen sleeps soundly, her curious cat, Rusty, stalks the neighborhood using all of his feline senses to explore, in Madeleine Dunphy’s Cat in the Night. Bright stars and flashing eyes flicker across the deep blues and purples of Joshua S. Brunet’s nighttime illustrations, creating a hushed, peaceful tone for Rusty’s sniffing, slinking, stalking, and searching. Children are encouraged to look out for all the critters Rusty encounters on his way as well as instances of his heightened use of hearing, vision, touch, balance, and smell, all integral cat behavior, whether snuggling with a friendly little human or getting ready to pounce on a backyard predator.” (5/5 stars) –Foreword Reviews

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