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About Heidi Sachner

Heidi Sachner is thrilled to have joined Perseus Distribution as Director of Client Services.   She recently celebrated her 25th year in publishing, a career she fell into after heading to New York City two weeks after graduating from college with a degree in English and no clear plan other than getting an apartment and finding a job!  Prior to joining Perseus, Heidi spent nearly 10 years at independent publisher Newmarket Press as Associate Publisher, and before that, held various sales and marketing positions at big houses including Random House, Putnam, Scholastic, and Bantam Books.

Heidi grew up in Meriden, CT where she has fond memories of visiting the downtown public library and creating her own pretend Dewey Decimal system at home for her collection of Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie books.  She also clearly recalls many hours spent in her high school library using the microfiche reader to research history term papers.

Now the mother of a 15-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, Heidi enjoys being introduced to new writers (her son recently discovered John Green) and genres (her daughter is a big fan of dystopian YA novels, fantasy, and anything with mythology in it) — as well as re-reading favorites from her own childhood in the book club she joined with her daughter 2 years ago.