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NYT Names The Tiger Who Would Be King a Best Illustrated Children’s Book of the Year!
NYT Names The Tiger Who Would Be King a Best Illustrated Children’s Book of the Year!

The New York Times Book Review has chosen The Tiger Who Would Be King as one of ten best illustrated children’s books of 2015! The news was officially announced October 29. The announcement states, “Each page teems with evocative images of animal life. The effect is ferocious and ravishing, capturing the beastliness of war along with emotions that include pride, boredom, shock and sorrow.” The gorgeously illustrated interpretation of James Thurber’s classic fable was published by Enchanted Lion Books in September. Unsurprisingly, this recognition isn’t the only praise the book has been received. The October 23 edition of the Wall Street Journal raved, “Yoon’s tumultuous illustrations have tremendous force . . . The story is sobering indeed, a narrative echo of both world wars, and it ends with the bleakest kind of peace.” In late August, Kirkus gave the book a starred review claiming it to be, “A stunning visual interpretation from Yoon . . . A picture book that will be embraced due to its successful handling of difficult themes.”


To find out more information about The Tiger Who Would Be King click here.

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Dave Eggers’ New Title Appeals to Young Readers and Their Parents

Award-winning author Dave Eggers has a new book out that is geared to a much younger audience than his usual crowd.  This Bridge Will Not Be Gray takes a look at one of this country’s most celebrated and debated icons, the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tucker Nichols, who with his brother Jon wrote and illustrated the children’s book Crabtree (McSweeney’s), provides the deceptively simple cut-out illustrations that enrich the text and give it an edge. The finished story brings to life a history lesson that will appeal to kids and their grown-ups.


“Eggers’s featherlight humor provides laughs throughout…” Publishers Weekly Starred Review

This Bridge Will Not Be Gray

By Dave Eggers, Art by Tucker Nichols


978-1-940450-47-6, US $19.95

Trade Cloth, Picture Book

Fall 2015



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Five Stars for Written and Drawn by Henrietta!
Five Stars for Written and Drawn by Henrietta!

The Horn Book Magazine has given Written and Drawn by Henrietta its fifth starred review! The November/December issue calls the book “a nail-bitingly thrilling story” and “a clever explication of the creative process.” The children’s graphic novel by Argentinian cartoonist Liniers features the recurring character from his famous comic strip, Macanudo, and is available now from TOON Books. The September issue of School Library Journal declared that it is “sure to be a hit with emerging readers and young fans of graphic/cartoon stories during storytime or independent reading,” and on September 15 Booklist raved, “Liniers’ playful graphic novel is an ideally accessible alchemy of engaging, energetic storytelling and a fresh artistic perspective.” On June 22, Publishers Weekly said, “Liniers’s creation brims with the power of invention, and Henrietta’s boldness (and her confidence in her own talent) inspires,” while the May 15 issue of Kirkus Reviews called the book “a graphic ode to the pleasures and challenges of composition.” Written and Drawn by Henrietta has also been released by TOON Books in a simultaneous Spanish language edition, Escrito y Dibujado por Enriqueta.

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Creston’s Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine Receives Critical Acclaim

9781939547200One of the most overlooked mathematical figures in history finally gets her due in a new children’s book that is receiving praise from readers and reviewers alike.  First-time children’s book author Laurie Wallmark introduces children to the mathematician credited with giving us the world’s first computer program in a book rich with information and historical detail.  Illustrator April Chu provides a stunning visual backdrop to this fascinating story.  The book also features author’s notes, a timeline, and bibliography. A perfect addition to any classroom or school library.

“A splendidly inspiring introduction to an unjustly overlooked woman.” Kirkus Starred Review

“(Illustrator) Chu brings the same grace and precision to this book as she did to In a Village by the Sea, and her finely detailed pencilwork is ideally suited to the schematics, blueprints, and mechanical implements that surround Lovelace and Babbage as they work, not to mention the stately apparel and architecture of their Victorian surroundings.  Ages 5-up.” Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Her father, Romantic poet Lord Byron, was bewitched by language, but numbers captured Ada Byron Lovelace’s imagination. Raised by a mother with a passion for geometry, young Ada filled journals with invention ideas, including a flying machine. This picture book, which will receive a starred review in the November 1 issue of Booklist, is a beautiful tribute to the whole life of the female computer pioneer.”


Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine

Written by Laurie Wallmark, Illustrated by April Chu

Creston Books

9781939547200, US $17.99

Trade Cloth, Picture Book

Fall 2015



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Readers to Eaters Finds Niche in Children’s Food Literacy

A recent Publishers Weekly article profiles Seattle-based publisher Readers to Eaters and its founders Philip Lee and June Jo Lee, both publishing industry veterans. The article touts Lee as a visionary in this area of publishing with a focus on helping “families gain a better understanding on what and how we eat.”


Zora’s Zucchini
By Katherine Pryor, Illustrated by Anna Raff

Published by Readers to Eaters
Trade Cloth, Picture Book
US $16.95

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A Year Without Mom Strikes a Heartfelt Chord With Reviewers

Year Without Mom Cover Image

A Year Without Mom is a powerful and starkly illustrated memoir that follows 12-year-old Dasha as she navigates the tricky waters of family life, school, and friends. All of this set against the backdrop of politically charged Moscow in the early 1990s. When her absent mother sends for her from America, Dasha must face the most dramatic change of her young life. Ages 10-14

A Year Without Mom has been featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut’s 10 Big Fall Memoirs: 

“Chronicling her life as a 12-year-old in Moscow, the illustrator Dasha Tolstikova captures the terrible confusion of being excluded by preteen friends. When Masha and Natasha start skipping history class, Dasha is torn. Soon, they stop coming to first period: “I know they are just sleeping in and not hanging out somewhere together, but it still makes me sad, being at school by myself.” When she’s transferred to a higher math class, her friends don’t talk to her for two days, “but on Friday, they wait for me by the front gate of the school and say hello as I approach. We never talk about what happened.”

New York Times Review, September 13

“Dasha’s strange and difficult 13th year — she’s left with her grandparents as her mom decamps to America for graduate school; her dad’s long gone to Los Angeles — coincides with the end of the Soviet Union in this perceptive story about change, aloneness, ambition and, ultimately, resilience.”

Kirkus Starred Review, September 1

“Cataclysmic though the end of Soviet rule is, it occupies just a few pages of this heavily illustrated book: “one morning we wake up and Gorbachev…is taken prisoner by some bad people,” Dasha writes, then “good guy Yeltsin…comes to the rescue.” Of far greater moment than seismic political activity are the everyday concerns of a middle school girl.”

Fascinating and heartfelt. (Graphic memoir. 10-14)

Publishers Weekly Starred Review August 17

“Set amid the disintegration of the Soviet Union, this absorbing graphic memoir follows a year in the life of a 12-year-old Moscow schoolgirl left in the care of her grandparents while her mother studies in the U.S. “Grandpa wakes me up and has the tea brewed by the time I shuffle into the kitchen, but I am on my own for everything else,” Dasha explains. Working in black and white enlivened by occasional splashes of red and blue, Tolstikova (The Jacket) uses a distinctive, naïf pen-and-ink style to capture the bare streets of wintry Moscow and the lively expressions of Dasha and her friends.” Ages 10–14. Agent: Sean McCarthy, Sean McCarthy Literary Agency. (Oct.)



By Dasha Tolstikova

Groundwood Books

Trade Cloth, Picture Book

US $19.95

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Monster Needs Your Vote!

9781938063633_69d6bElection season is here and Monster is ready to vote! But why cast your ballot when you can run for president instead? With speeches, debates, and a soapbox or two, Monster’s newest tale is a campaign encouraging kids to take a stand and fight for what they believe in.

Ame Dyckman, NY Times bestselling author of Wolfie the Bunny, reviews Monster Needs Your Vote: “Monster has the best platform EVER in this furry fun first look at elections! (He had me at ‘desserts’—then it got even better!) Monster Needs Your Vote has mine!”


9781938063633_il_3_c9883Paul Czajak got an F with the words “get a tutor” on his college writing paper and, after that, never thought he’d become a writer. But after spending 20 years as a chemist, he knew his creativity could no longer be contained. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two little monsters. In addition to the Monster & Me™ series, he’s also the author of Seaver the Weaver.

Wendy Grieb is a professional working in the Los Angeles animation industry and teaching animation. She is also an Annie Award–winning storyboard artist, who has worked as a developmental artist, illustrator, and character designer for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Sony, Klasky-Csupo, White Wolf, and more. She lives in Yorba Linda, CA.

Monster Needs Your Vote  
by Paul Czajak, Wendy Grieb (Illustrated by)
August 25, 2015, Ship Date: August 3, 2015
$16.95 USD
might media monster vote
The Mighty Media Team at ALA Annual San Francisco 2015
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Starred Review: We Are All Completely Fine from Tachyon

gold-star-2-1“This complex novel—scathingly funny, horrific yet oddly inspiring9781616961718_20dbd—constructs a seductive puzzle from torn identities, focusing on both the value and peril of fear. When enigmatic Dr. Jan Sayer gathers survivors of supernatural violence for therapy, she unwittingly unlocks evil from the prison of consciousness. Harrison, a cynical monster-hunter, wallows in lethargy. Suicidal Barbara burns to read the secret messages inscribed on her bones. Cantankerous Stan is the lone survivor of a cannibal feast. After paranoid Martin sees slithery spirits lingering around volatile Greta, a powerful young woman decorated with mystically charged scars, ancient evils usher the rag-tag survivors to a battle with the Hidden Ones, exiled deities trapped in prisons of flesh. Gregory’s beautiful imagery and metaphors bring bittersweet intimacy and tenderness to the primal wonder of star-lit legends. Isolated people, both victims and victimizers, are ghosts in a waking world, blind to their encounters with living nightmares. Blending the stark realism of pain and isolation with the liberating force of the fantastic, Gregory (Afterparty) makes it easy to believe that the world is an illusion, behind which lurks an alternative truth—dark, degenerate, and sublime.”
—Publishers Weekly Starred Review Reviewed on: 06/16/2014

Award nominations:
2014 Nebula Awards: Nebula Award Nominees 
2014 Shirley Jackson Award:  Shirley Jackson Nominees
2015 World Fantasy Award, July 8:  World Fantasy Award Ballots
2015 Theodore Sturgeon Award:  Theodore Sturgeon Award
2015 Locus Award:  Locus Award

We Are All Completely Fine
by Gregory, Daryl
Publisher: Tachyon | Distributor: Legato Publishers Group
ISBN 9781616961718
USD $14.95 · Trade Paper


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Starred Review for Crooked Lane Books & Groundwood Books

gold-star-2-1Library Journal Starred Review – July 6

 Plantation Shudders: A Cajun Country Mystery | Author: Byron, Ellen | Crooked Lane Books (Legato Publishers Group) | Aug 2015 | ISBN 9781629532509 | $24.99 | EISBN 9781629532516.

plantationshudders7615Having returned to Louisiana after a humiliating breakup and the derailment of her Manhattan career, Maggie Crozat now helps her parents run their plantation bed-and-breakfast. When two guests drop dead within minutes of each other, her new-found peace is shattered, along with the reputation of her family’s inn. The police chief of Pelican, Rufus Durand, is an old enemy, and he does his best to implicate Maggie’s family, but his cousin Paul “Bo” Durand is the new detective in town, and he’s more intent on finding the real killer. Then another body turns up. Who is killing the guests at the Crozat B&B and why? ­VERDICT Recipes and fascinating tidbits about plantation history add a tasty lagniappe to this entertaining and well-done cozy debut. A twisty plot and engaging colorful characters complete this mystery’s many pleasures.

gold-star-2-1Kirkus Starred Review – June 16

Buddy and Earl | Author: Maureen Fergus, Cary Sookocheff illus.| Groundwood Books (PGW) ISBN 978-1-55498-712-2; EISBN 978-1-55498-713-9

Two creatures find an unlikely friendship when one takes on the role of gagman and the9781554987122_8b0de other an unwitting straight man.

It’s raining, and Buddy is bored. Buddy is in the living room, and Buddy isn’t allowed to touch pretty much anything there. Buddy is a dog. The daughter of the house enters with a box containing a ball of sharp quills. The girl leaves. Buddy mooches over to get a closer look. Turns out the ball of quills talks.
Call him Earl, says the ball of quills. Buddy asks Earl what he is. Earl suggests a race car. Buddy, though no Einstein, thinks not. Giraffe? No. Talking hairbrush? “Buddy was almost positive that Earl was not a talking hairbrush.” Earl suggests they engage in some no-nos, like jumping on the sofa, then on the coffee table. Buddy’s having too much of a blast to demur. Mom enters. Buddy gets a scolding, but Earl sticks up for him, even though Mom doesn’t appear to hear Earl’s defense of Buddy. Buddy does. And that’s how a dog and a hedgehog become friends in this winning series opener. Fergus’ deadpan text and Sookocheff’s simple, flowing artwork work in elemental harmony, elevating the book to a subliminal sophistication that breathes something quite smart into the proceedings.

Earl and Buddy know the secret of camaraderie and play it out in fine form.

School Library Journal July, 2015
“On a rainy afternoon Buddy the dog is bored and lonely, trapped in the house with his family.
Watching the raindrops fall, he is surprised when his owner Meredith brings in a box that contains an odd looking object. The new “thing” is indeed alive and introduces itself as Earl. Since Buddy is not sure what type of thing Earl could be, the two begin a guessing game to solve the mystery. The inventive Earl claims to be many things, from a race car to a giraffe, and the two embark on a treacherous voyage using the sofa as their mock pirate ship. Despite the lack of a definitive answer regarding Earl’s identity (he appears to
be a hedgehog), Buddy is confident that ultimately Earl is nothing less than a friend. The neutral tones of the illustrations reflect the mood of a stormy day, and the depictions of the animal characters using Acryl Gouache are both soft and playful. VERDICT A simple story for animal loving readers and proponents of imaginative play.”–Claire Moore, Darien Library, CT

9781554987122 Buddy and Earl


9781554987122_il_4_1a984“It’s always such a treat to be able to take advanced materials home to test out on my two little girls. Buddy & Earl was a huge hit at our home. My 4 year old went from sitting crisscross applesauce to flat out on her back from laughing so hard when Buddy thought Earl was a talking hairbrush!” – Angela Maclean, PGW Sales & Marketing

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  • Library Journal, Starred Review, 6/15: “Schrank’s passionate and moving narrative is written in a poetic style that from the outset elicits genuine emotion. With verve and lyricism the author tells the little-known story of the political upheaval of Burma and the struggle of a group of resisters who fought fiercely for democracy in their small, often overlooked country. This is not only an emphatically poignant chronicling of history but a truly illuminating analysis of a human struggle. … This enlightening work has the potential to impact the canon of contemporary political science. It is readable, enjoyable, and destined to become a staple for anyone wishing to learn more about Asian history or the world at large.”


  • Booklist, review, 6/1: “Through the lives of Nway and his compatriots, Schrank conveys the long history of the fight for democracy in Burma and the enormous cost to individuals asking who to trust, who to lie to, and how to maintain sanity and relationships in a nation at odds with itself and its government. A very close-up look at a nation caught in its history and the current geopolitical tensions in Asia.”
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