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Visit The New Press at ALA – Booth 339

The New Press will be exhibiting at the American Library Association’s annual conference in Las Vegas, June 26-July 1, 2014. Visit them in booth 339 for giveaways of current releases and tote bags! The New Press also will have a raffle for a selection of titles of your choice and opportunities to win copies of three new releases on display. They look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!


Giveaways include:

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Hold Fast to Dreams: A College Guidance Counselor, His Students, and the Vision of a Life Beyond Poverty
by Beth Zasloff

A college counselor discovers that the rules are different but the stakes are higher for low-income students, in a beautifully written work of narrative nonfiction in the spirit of Kidder, Kotlowitz, and Kohl.

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Viviane: A Novel
by Julia Deck

A young mother in contemporary Paris newly separated from her husband murders her psychiatrist in a fit of insanity. Or did she? An engrossing murder mystery and a gripping exploration of madness, Viviane is the stunning debut novel that made its author an instant sensation in France.


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Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past
by Ray Raphael

With wit and flair, Founding Myths exposes the errors and inventions in thirteen of America’s most cherished tales, from Paul Revere’s famous ride to Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech. Exploring the dynamic intersection between history-making and story-making, award-winning author and historian Ray Raphael shows how these fictions—conceived in the narrowly nationalistic politics of the nineteenth century—undermine our democratic ideals.


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Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison
by Nell Bernstein

Already in its third printing: A heartbreaking and meticulously reported indictment of our nation’s failed juvenile justice policy, by the award-winning journalist and advocate. Author Nell Bernstein has appeared on Fresh Air, Tavis Smiley, and MSNBC’s Live with Craig Melvin.


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Social Security Works!: Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All
by Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson

A growing chorus of prominent voices in Congress and elsewhere are calling for the expansion of our Social Security system—people who know that Social Security will not “go broke” and does not add a penny to the national debt. Social Security Works! will amplify these voices and offer a powerful antidote to the three-decade-long, billionaire-funded campaign to make us believe that this vital institution is destined to collapse. It isn’t.


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The Cushion in the Road: Meditation and Wandering as the Whole World Awakens to Being in Harm’s Way
by Alice Walker

For the millions of Alice Walker’s devoted fans—and for readers of Walker’s bestselling 2006 book We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For in particular—here is a new “gift of words” (Essence) that invites readers on a journey of political awakening and spiritual insight.


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One in three American schoolchildren will be arrested by age 23
One in three American schoolchildren will be arrested by age 23

Nell Bernstein’s June 4 interview on Fresh Air has sparked strong sales for her major new work of investigative journalism and advocacy, Burning Down the House: The End of Juvenile Prison. The book is already in its third printing following a May 13 release! Take a look at this amazing media roundup…


National broadcast:

  • Interview, MSNBC’s Live with Craig Melvin (6/7/14)
  • Interview, Fresh Air (6/4/14)
  • Interview, The Tavis Smiley Show (5/25/14)

National print:

  • Feature excerpt with book image, Ebony, July issue (on stands mid-June)
  • Interview with Andrew Cohen, The Atlantic (coming in June)
  • Interview, (coming in June)
  • Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer (coming in June)
  • Review, San Francisco Chronicle (6/8/14)
  • Glamour blogged (6/8/2014)
  • Review, Kirkus (6/1/14)
  • Interview, Publishers Weekly (4/25/14)
  • Starred review, Publishers Weekly (4/17/14)


Select praise for Burning Down the House:

“Burning Down the House reveals a shocking truth: what adults do to children behind the walls of America’s juvenile prisons is criminal. If we want to change the United States’ senseless addiction to incarceration, the best possible place to start is transforming how our justice system treats our children. This book shows just how that can be done.”—Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black

“Engrossing, disturbing, at times heartbreaking.”
—Van Jones, author of Rebuild the Dream

“A riveting must-read.”
—Judge Steven C. Teske, chief judge, Clayton County Juvenile Court, and author of Reform Juvenile Justice Now


When teenagers scuffle on the basketball court, they are typically benched for the game. But when Brian got into it on the court inside a juvenile prison, he was sprayed in the face with a chemical fogger, denied a shower, and then locked in solitary for a month.

One in three American schoolchildren will be arrested by the time they are twenty-three, many of them for so-called status offenses—including cutting school, drinking alcohol, or disrespecting a police officer—that are not crimes for adults. Despite recent reforms, too many youths will land in horrific state detention facilities where children as young as twelve are preyed upon by guards; driven mad by months in solitary; and, in their own words, “treated like animals.” Beyond these abuses, the very act of isolating children in punitive prisons denies delinquent youth the one thing essential to rehabilitation: positive relationships with caring adults. In this clear-eyed indictment of a failed institution—the juvenile detention facility—award-winning journalist Nell Bernstein shows that there is no right way to lock up a child.

Nell Bernstein is both an acclaimed writer and a tireless advocate for kids in the criminal justice system. Her previous book, All Alone in the World, was called “heartwrenching” by the San Antonio Observer, “meticulously reported and sensitively written” by Salon, and helped create a nationwide movement to protect children of incarcerated parents. Now she turns her eye to children who are themselves incarcerated. She allows imprisoned youth to describe in their own voices the fight to hold on to hope and humanity in an environment custom-designed to deny both.

Bernstein—whose work “deserves to be placed alongside other classics of the genre such as Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities, Alex Kotlowitz’s There Are No Children Here, and Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s Random Family” according to the San Francisco Chronicle—delivers an epic work of investigative journalism that lays bare our nation’s brutal and counterproductive juvenile prisons and is a clarion call to bring our children home.

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ALA Las Vegas- booth #334

Perseus Books Group -Booth #334

Author Signing Schedule-

Saturday -June 28


Ben Mezrich- Seven Wonders  –

A heart-pounding pace and panoramic backdrops, Seven Wonders is an electrifying read, and will be the first in a trilogy.




Ken Baker- How I Got Skinny, Famous, and Fell Madly in Love  -

“Emery, a colorful, outspoken, and compelling narrator, is a truth-teller and a truth-seeker whose internal and external struggles have that stick-to-your-ribs quality (without the calories). Baker clearly illustrates the everyday battles many girls deal with and sends the message that they’re not alone and that they are in control.”





Elly MacKay -Shadow Chasers –

Chasing after our hopes and dreams may take many tries before we finally catch them. This magical nighttime story shows that the journey is just as remarkable as the destination.



Illustration 1





  Jenny Lundquist- The Opal Crown - 

In the year since she was betrothed to the crown prince of Kyrenica, no one has suspected that the Masked Princess has been a decoy.




Sunday- June 29


Tim Federle - Hickory Daiquiri Dock:  - 

From bestselling author Tim Federle of Tequila Mockingbird comes Hickory Daiquiri Dock, the ultimate cocktail recipe book for new parents everywhere. Featuring 20 classic nursery rhymes with a decidedly grown-up twist-from Ring Around the Rosé to Bloody Mary, Quite Contrary-it’s time to lose the rattle, pick up a shaker, and throw an extremely quiet party.



Liz Climo- The Little World of Liz Climo- 

Artist Liz Climo has charmed her fans with her comic world of whimsical animal characters, where everyone from grizzly bears, dinosaurs, rabbits, and anteaters grapple with everyday life with wit and humor. Through her comics, we discover that an armadillo can dress for Halloween, a dinosaur can be a loving parent … and a rhino can squeeze orange juice! This new collection features more than 100 of her comics, starring her beloved characters in all kinds of funny situations, from celebrating holidays to helping friends.

Illustration 2




Summer on the Short Bus   - Bethany Crandell  

Cricket Montgomery has been thrown under the short bus. Shipped off to a summer camp by her father, Cricket is forced to play babysitter to a bunch of whiny kids-or so she thinks. When she realizes this camp is actually for teens with special needs, Cricket doubts she has what it takes to endure twenty-four hours, let alone two weeks.




Location at the What’s Cooking Stage

Marlene Koch – Eat What You Love–Everyday!

“Magician in the kitchen” Marlene Koch is back with the third book in her bestselling “Eat What You Love” series. Eat What You Love-Everyday! offers 200 brand-new guilt-free recipes for every day, every occasion-and everyone! No one knows the foods Americans love to eat best, or makes fat, calories, and sugar “disappear” like Marlene.



Monday- June 30


Oscar Goodman -Being Oscar: From Mob Lawyer to Mayor of Las Vegas -

Now in paperback: the candid autobiography of legendary lawyer Oscar Goodman–defender of Meyer Lansky and Mike Tyson–and Las Vegas mayor.  In Being Oscar,one of America’s most celebrated criminal defense attorneys recounts the stories and cases of his epic life.











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Lily King’s Euphoria reviewed in The New York Times Book Review

LILY KING’s Euphoria was the cover review of The New York Times Book Revieweuphoria-book-cover Sunday, June 8th 

 “A taut, witty, fiercely intelligent tale.”—Emily Eakin, The New York Times Book Review 

See full review here:

 “A small gem, disturbing and haunting.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“The love lives and expeditions of controversial anthropologists Margaret Mead, Reo Fortune, and Gregory Bateson are fictionalized and richly reimagined in New England Book Award winner King’s (Father of the Rain) meaty and entrancing fourth book…King’s immersive prose takes center stage. The fascinating descriptions of tribal customs and rituals, paired with snippets of Nell’s journals—as well as the characters’ insatiable appetites for scientific discovery—all contribute to a thrilling read that, at its end, does indeed feel like ‘the briefest, purest euphoria.’”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Set between the First and Second World Wars, the story is loosely based on events in the life of Margaret Mead. There are fascinating looks into other cultures and how they are studied, and the sacrifices and dangers that go along with it. This is a powerful story, at once gritty, sensuous, and captivating.”Booklist


Lily King’s first novel, The Pleasing Hour won the Barnes & Noble Discover Award and was a New York Times Notable Book and an alternate for the PEN/Hemingway Award. Her second book, The English Teacher, was a Publishers Weekly Top Ten Book of the Year, a Chicago Tribune Best Book of the Year, and the winner of the Maine Fiction Award. Father of the Rain was a New York Times Editors’ Choice, a Publishers Weekly Best Novel of the Year, and winner of the 2010 New England Book Award for Fiction. Lily King lives with her family in Maine.

Watch the book trailer here:

lily King
Photo source:
Atlantic Monthly Press
Trade Cloth 9780802122551
Ebook 9780802192516
Distributed by Publishers Group West
Phone 800.788.3123
Fax 800.351.5073
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Norman, Speak! from Groundwood Books

A comical yet thought-provoking story, Norman, Speak! follows a boy and his9781554983223 family who adopt a dog that just can’t seem to learn the things other dogs do…

Review: The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“The boy narrator of this cheerful pet tale is thrilled when his family finally goes to the shelter and acquires a friendly dog, Norman (“His wag was a hula dance of happiness”). Norman’s young master tries some basic dog commands with Norman to no avail, until an outing to the dog park reveals the fact that Norman is actually very conversant with commands—in Chinese. The family then enthusiastically signs up for Chinese class, and while they struggle a little at first, eventually they learn enough of the language to communicate with their beloved pet. This is a fresh and original take on the new-pet story that provides a gentle little paradigm shift along with its slight absurdity; the family’s genial embrace of their new dog’s language is both humorous (Adderson has a nice line in family banter) and offhandedly heartwarming. There’s a retro feel to the wholesome, easygoing ink and digital color illustrations, resembling the work of Marc Rosenthal (I Must Have Bobo!, BCCB 2/11) in the trim, humorous drafting; soft tones and generous white space keep the book airy and joyful. This would make a solid entry to a multilingual sampling, or just a tactful way to make kids consider their pets as something other than reflections of their humans.

Review:  Horn Book July 2014

“Turnabouts abound in this tale of a boy who decides his family should take the neediest dog in the shelter for their own (“‘Which dog has been here the longest?’ I asked the shelter woman”). Named Norman by the shelter, the dog seems happy and eager enough, but doesn’t respond to even the simplest commands. But it turns out that Norman is neither untrained nor stupid; a serendipitous meeting in the park with another dog and owner reveals that Norman understands Chinese! So the boy and his parents are off to Chinese language school, where Dad shows himself to be not the best student. “More effort,” the teacher says. “Fewer jokes.” There are lessons here—about patience as well as intercultural understanding—but they’re very lightly worn, and the casual line of the ink-and-color illustrations reminds us that this is a warm family story most of all: “We say, ‘Wo˘mén aì nıˇ, Norman.’ Because we do. We love Norman.” Roger Sutton


Review: Kirkus April 1st, 2014  

“In this picture-book debut, novelist Adderson (Jasper John Dooley: Not in Love, 2014, etc.) provides an affectionate look into the surprises of bringing home a new pet.

It’s a familiar scene for many families: A young boy and his parents adopt a dog from the animal shelter. Overwhelmed by the choices, the boy wishes he could take home every forlorn-looking pup. He decides that he’ll choose a stray, Norman, that has been there the longest. The pup has a stump of a tail, and his wag is “a hula dance of happiness.” At home, the boy encourages Norman to do the usual canine things, like sit or speak. Norman, however, doesn’t understand, and the boy figures that Norman just isn’t very smart. But intelligence is deceiving. Through an encounter with another pet owner, the boy discovers that Norman understands Chinese (Mandarin), not English. (“Norman! Why didn’t you say so?” scolds the boy.) Pet lovers will appreciate this family’s lighthearted journey toward making this relationship succeed. As an added bonus, readers can learn or brush up on their Mandarin, giving an original twist to the story. Leng’s illustrations in ink on paper add heart with warm pastel hues. The simple and clean facial expressions convey emotions with the right touch, from puzzlement to complete joy.

Norman’s rocking rump and hula dance are quite the highlights—it’s a language everyone can understand.”


Review:  SLJ April, 2014

“A boy visits the animal shelter in hopes of finding the perfect dog, but he is overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. Finally, he asks the shelter worker which one has been there the longest, and she leads him to Norman’s cage. Out pops a short little pup with no tail. Not having a tail is no disability for Norman. Instead, he wags his whole rear end. The family falls in love with him because he’s funny and friendly and he greets them at the door with a “funny-brown-hula-stump-wiggle-wag dance.” The boy tries to teach him the simplest tricks, but the canine just cocks his head and stares at him, and he decides that Norman may not have been the smartest dog at the shelter. Then, at the park one day, they meet a Chinese man who talks to Norman, and the dog does exactly what the man tells him. Norman’s former owners were Chinese! The family sets about learning a few commands to accommodate their new pet. Throughout this lovely story, it is clear that the boy and his parents love Norman just as he is. Simple ink drawings set against ample white space make the endearing dog come alive on paper. This title will be a surefire hit with children.”–Joan Kindig, JamesMadisonUniversity, Harrisonburg, VA


Our family loves this book! On a recent trip to South Africa we stayed at a guest house that had two boxer dogs. Our six and three year old spent two days talking to the dogs and trying to get them to respond with no luck. We were told on day three that the dogs, Bella and Hougie, only speak Afrikaans! Our kids were delighted by Norman, Speak! and immediately thought of the dogs on our trip. ~ Angela M. PGW Berkeley Office

Caroline Adderson is the author of award-winning books for adults and children. She lives in Vancouver. Qin Leng lives and works as a designer and illustrator in Toronto.
Norman, Speak!
Adderson, Caroline, illus. by Qin Leng, Trade ed. ISBN 978-1-55498-322-3, $17.95
E-book ed. ISBN 978-1-55498-323-0, $14.95
Distributed by Publishers Group West
Phone 800.788.3123
Fax 800.351.5073
The official Facebook page for children’s book publisher Groundwood Books, part of House of Anansi Press. Visit the website:


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The story of infamous breach in intelligence
The story of infamous breach in intelligence

“[Bradley] tells the fascinating story of this complicated spy’s life…. Bradley provides extensive background information regarding the events of the time and all the characters involved, painting a vivid picture of the world in which Lee operated. Readers interested in Cold War history or real-life spy dramas will enjoy this thoroughly researched and highly readable work.”

—Library Journal, starred review

“In his swift, absorbing and damning book A Very Principled Boy, Mark A. Bradley, a former CIA officer and a lawyer in the Justice Department’s National Security Division, brings the gavel down on Lee’s guilt and explains how he eluded prosecution. Bradley combines a lawyerly ability to build his case with a gift for storytelling to make the life of this cautious, smaller-than-life character more than the footnote it was.”

—Washington Post

“In A Very Principled Boy, Mark Bradley tells Lee’s story with few frills or atmospherics, letting the remarkable facts speak for themselves. Mr. Bradley is a former CIA intelligence officer whose straightforward narrative refuses to sensationalize. For this and other reasons, it radiates authenticity…. [A] fascinating narrative.”

—Wall Street Journal

“Bradley has produced a truly superb example of this genre, especially because he exposes in riveting fashion how the Soviet spy network worked and how it flummoxed the FBI, which was very slow to catch on.”

Robert Levgold, Foreign Affairs

“Duncan Lee’s story, as narrated by Bradley, is difficult to put down not only because of the author’s engaging writing style but also because of the story itself, which almost sounds like dramatic fiction…. This is the story of a career that comes close to defying reality, except that we now know it actually happened.”

Martin A. Miller, History Book Club

“What makes the story fascinating is not so much what Lee did – there aren’t many details of what secrets he stole – as what his government did and didn’t do about him, and why…. Much of the value in Bradley’s book about Lee is in telling the military and political story of the 1940s, showing how the abrupt changes in the political climate played out in the life of a lonely man who chose a course he came to regret. Bradley is neither a conservative out to make Franklin Roosevelt look soft on Stalin, nor a liberal who would limit the story of communists in government to ‘witch hunts.’ He is a professional telling the story of infamous breach in intelligence, and in A Very Principled Boy, he tells it well.”

—Seattle Times


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Come see us at ALA!


We’re so excited to see you in the Consortium Booth #343 at the ALA Conference! Check out the details below.

Publishers in Our Booth

  • Akashic Books
  • Coffee House Press
  • Central Recovery Press, LLC
  • Coach House Books
  • Curbside Splendor Publishing
  • Fulcrum Publishing
  • Talonbooks
  • Nobrow Ltd.
  • Open Letter

Be sure to take a look at our flyer for all additional information. We can’t wait to see you!

Can’t make it to ALA? Check out some of our galleys here!


International Crime Fiction Panel at the Pop Top Stage, featuring author of Singapore Noir, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan.

Matt Dembicki, Jason Rodriguez, and Joel Gill explore the benefits of teaching with comics at the Graphic Novel Stage.

Listen to Benjamin Parzybok discuss Sherwood Nation at the  Quirky Books for Quirky Libraries Panel at LVCC-N252.

Join bestselling author Ana Castillo in her discussion of what makes her latest novel Give It To Me perfect for book clubs at the Hot Picks for Book Clubs Panel.

Lydia Millet talks about her first young adult novel Pills and Starships. Artist, composer, and director Jesse Moynihan discusses the second collection of his serial graphic novel Forming at the Graphic Novel Stage.

Galley/Book Givaways at the Consortium Booth

Thrown by Kerry Howley

Closer Together, Further Apart by Robert Weiss and Jennifer P. Schneider

Looking for Jack Kerouac by Barbara Shoup

Mr. Tweed’s Good Deeds by Jim Stolen

 Edge of Nowhere by John Smelcer

In Booth Signings – meet authors and receive complimentary copies of their newest books!

Road to Shine by Laurie Gardner

Wisdom from the Couch by Jennifer Kunst

Sherwood Nation by Benjamin Parzybok

Art on Fire by Hilary Sloin

Weightless by Greg McBride

Strange Fruit by Joel L. Gibb

Colonial Comics by Jason Rodriguez

Wild Ocean by Matt Dembicki

Give It to Me by Ana Castillo

Chi Kung in Recovery by Gregory Pergament

 Lesson Plans by Suzanne Greenberg

 Forming 2 by Jesse Moynihan









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Cock-a-Doodle Oops!

9781939547071_3253cDon’t miss this catchy, fun read-aloud for parents, teachers, and librarians!

MidWest Book Review: May 14, 2014

“Cock-A-Doodle-Oops!” is a rollicking, rhyming farm fun illustrated story about a farm family rooster in need of a vacation from his crowing duties. These bright, versed story pages are filled with funny energy and images appealing to an elementary age audience. The rooster definitely needs a vacation, but the problem is, who will crow for him while he is gone? And how will they wake up the soundly sleeping Farmer McPeeper when the rooster’s voice is gone? Kids will love this addictive, entertaining funny story, perfectly embellished with comic colored illustrations of every farm animal and Farmer McPeeper too.

Shelf Awareness for Readers for Friday, May 23, 2014

No one can set the barnyard in motion like rooster can, as the farmyard beasts and fowl discover in this humorous farce.

The opening lines set the tone: “Farmer McPeeper was such a deep sleeper,/ not even an earthquake could shake him./ A poke or a pinch wouldn’t budge him an inch,/ ’cause only his rooster could wake him.” With a gently lilting rhyme, Lori Degman (1 Zany Zoo) spells out Rooster’s plan to take a week’s seaside vacation (“I’ll sleep just as late as I please,” says he) and the calendar marked daily with the animal whose duty it is to “cock-a-doodle-doo” in his absence. But Cow’s “Cock-a-doodle-moooooo!” is an “udder disaster,” and Chicken’s “cock-a-doodle-cluck” doesn’t “have any pluck.” Deborah Zemke’s (Doodles at Dinner) images of the critters attempting to wake Farmer McPeeper each dawn make the most of the comical situation. Her black outlines shimmer with the animals’ nervous energy and sense of responsibility as the days tick by on the calendar in the upper left-hand corner, along with the featured animal attempting to wake the farmer.

In a funny surprise ending, Rooster’s homecoming doesn’t entirely remedy the situation, and the animals must band together to come up with a viable solution. Youngest readers will learn animal sounds and days of the week, while beginning readers will welcome the upbeat rhymes. Discover: An entertaining barnyard romp in which Rooster takes a vacation, and the other animals try to rouse the farmer.–Jennifer M. Brown, children’s editor, Shelf Awareness

Watch this hilarious barnyard romp here:
Author:  Lori Degman, Illustrator, Deborah Zemke, 9781939547071, $16.95
Lori Degman is an itinerant hearing teacher, working with deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
The author of 1 Zany Zoo, she lives in Vernon Hills, IL.
Deborah Zemke puts words and pictures together in unexpected and lively ways.
The author and illustrator of more than 20 children’s books and a frequent contributor to Ranger Rick magazine, she lives in Columbia, MO.

 ”Here is a book for everyone! The rollicking rhymes in Cock-A-Doodle Oops are sure to tickle the funny bone of every young reader, and the wonderful word play will appeal to the adult reader, making this a book that will be read over and over again.”

- Jan Dundon, Anderson’s Bookshops

Cock-a-Doodle-Oops! Curriculum Guide/Mentor Text

 Days of the Week:

Learn the days of the week using the book as a guide – Monday is PigsDay, Tuesday is SheepsDay, etc.  Make your own calendar using farm animals. Which animal works best for Sunday? Which for Wednesday?

Playing with Sounds:

The author plays with the crowing sound by finding which sound would work best for each animal. Make your own story using different animals and imagine what their cock-a-doodle would sound like. For example, a lion? A parakeet? A goldfish? What would you crow if you had to wake up Farmer McPeeper?

Story Ideas:

What sounds wake you up in the morning? Write and draw a description. Maybe it’s the garbage truck making noise on the street, your mom making breakfast, your sister taking a shower, your dog snuffling at you. If you had a rooster for an alarm clock, what kind of crow would you like to hear? Imagine the different animals waking you up and write a story about the one you like best.

Cock-a-Doodle-Oops! Printable Poster at:

Learn more about Creston Books here:

Creston Books will be at ALA in Las Vegas later this month, with signings at their booth by Lori Degman, Julie Downing, Marcia Goldman, and Marissa Moss.
creston logo

Order now through Publishers Group West or your favorite wholesaler: Phone: 1-800-788-3123 * Fax: 1-800-351-5073 Email:

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MORE CURIOUS from McSweeney’s

A sharply observed, emotionally resonant journey from coast to coast by best-selling author Sean Wilsey.morecurious

“Wilsey (Oh the Glory of It All) makes curiosity the unifying aesthetic and raison d’être of this eclectic collection of essays on places and people, hobbies and grief, and the “comedy and poverty of the United States.” Treading the “fine line between quirky and irreverent,” Wilsey embraces the big topics—death and friendship, the bewilderment and kindness that followed “the massive historical rupture of 9/11”—but his interests tend toward the “obscure… wonderful, and curious,” as shown in an essay that opens with his impending fatherhood, but really studies the population, behaviors, and resiliency of New York City rats. Wilsey’s wry humor often pokes fun at himself, as in his hilarious recounting of his first attempt at skateboarding. The book’s charm derives from the author’s sense of wonder, his sense that the Earth “is still spacious and full of possibilities,” and his ability to tell a perfect anecdote, capturing the absurdities of human behavior from the slightly offbeat to the downright ludicrous. “Escaping from sadness is what made this country,” Wilsey declares in the introduction. It’s as good a reason as any to read this intelligent collection.” : David McCormick, McCormick & Williams. (July) | Publishers Weekly Reviewed on: 05/12/2014 |  Release date: 07/01/2014

“Sean Wilsey’s witty essays from his cross-country adventures form a portrait of the weird side of contemporary America.” -Los Angeles Times

Upcoming Publicity!

The Daily Beast will excerpt Sean Wilsey’s essay about the World Cup, “The World I Want to Live In,” from MORE CURIOUS on Thursday, June 12th to coincide with the World Cup’s opening day

Vanity Fair will include MORE CURIOUS in their July Hot Type column

MORE CURIOUS will appear in the August issue of O, The Oprah Magazine as one of their Ten Titles to Pick Up Now

Sean Wilsey is the author of a memoir, Oh the Glory of It All, and the co-editor of State By State: A Panoramic Portrait of America.

He lives in Marfa, Texas.


Sean Wilsey with San Francisco in the background

MORE CURIOUS              
Trade Cloth
US $22.00
Release date:  06/23/2014
On-sale:  07/15/2014
McSweeney’s Spring 2014


Order now through Publishers Group West or your favorite wholesaler: Phone: 1-800-788-3123 * Fax: 1-800-351-5073 Email:

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The Legend Of George Jones from Heritage Builders

George Jones lived a storied life, but his career was not without controversies. This book Legend of George Jonesreveals fascinating, intimate details about the life of George Jones that have never before been published. Charlene and Peanutt Montgomery, who were George’s closest friends and confidants over a thirty-year period and the songwriters for the vast majority of the songs that George recorded, are the authors of this highly entertaining book. Their strong bonds with and admiration for George come shining through, even when writing about the less-than-flattering incidents and times that make up part of the story.

This book contains a CD album of 12 songs written by George Jones and Peanutt Montgomery, including the never before released title song, The Legend of George Jones. Peanutt wrote 77 songs for George Jones over more than 30 years, all of which were top 40 songs, with some reaching #1 hit status. A variety of well-known country music artists sing the songs on the CD album. The album becomes a bonus treat for the readers.

Country Weekly Features George Jones on the cover with a lead story  in the June 9, 2014 issue – George Jones: One Year Later

“A new book by husband-and-wife songwriters Charlene and Earl Montgomery, The Legend of George Jones, offers a complete look at George, recalling his often-violent temper as well as his soft charitable side. Charlene and Earl, also known as “Peanutt,” wrote several of George’s best-known hits. Charlene spoke to Country Weekly about the book, which the couple started writing about five years ago.”

“I knew the good side of George and I just wanted to share with the world that George was a good-hearted, compassionate man,” Charlene says. “He was a common man who wanted to live a regular life.” Country Weekly June 9, 2014



Charlene and Peanutt Montgomery were George Jones’ closest friends for over 30 years. They were close with the children and friendly with George’s first four wives. In addition, they wrote almost all of the songs that George ever recorded. They live in Shefflied, AL.

Trade Cloth & CD
US $29.95

 Find out more about Heritage Builders here:

Charlene and Peanutt Montgomery discuss their new tell all book with The Global Dispatch:

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