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Jan 7, 2019 Ingram Content Group & KidLitTV- Publisher Preview
Ingram Content Group & KidLit TV – Publisher Preview 
ISBN Title Author Publisher Pub Date Category Binding Price
9781908714572 Festival Folk: An Atlas of Carnival Customes And Costumes Flowers, Rob (ILT) Cicada Books 04/30/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Lifestyles / Country Life Cloth $20.95
9781772272277 It’s Time for Bed Mearns, Ceporah/ Debicki, Jeremy/ MacK, Tim (ILT) Inhabit Media   04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Bedtime & Dreams Cloth $16.95
9781948340076 Astro Baby Tea, Michelle/ Perry, Mike (ILT) Dottir Press 04/09/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Holidays & Celebrations / Birthdays Cloth $18.95
9781592702664 Noodlephant Kramer, Jacob/ Steele, K-Fai (ILT) Enchanted Lion Books 01/29/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Social Themes / Values & Virtues Cloth $18.95
9781944020224 The Chestnut Challenge: The Nocturnals Hecht, Tracey/ Yee, Josie (ILT) Fabled Films Press 04/23/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Readers / Beginner Cloth $12.99
9781608465965 Cinderella Liberator Solnit, Rebecca/ Rackham, Arthur (ILT) Haymarket Books 05/07/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Fairy Tales & Folklore / Adaptations Cloth $17.95
9781948931007 The Cyclops Witch and the Heebie-jeebies Sullivan, Kyle/ Sullivan, Derek (ILT) Hazy Dell Press 04/09/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Monsters Cloth $17.95
9781782505556 Guardians of the Wild Unicorns Littleson, Lindsay Kelpies 04/30/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General Paper $9.95
9781513261973 Children of the First People: Fresh Voices of Alaska’s Native Kids Brown Tricia/ Corral Roy (PHT) Alaska Northwest Books 04/09/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / People & Places / United States / Native American Paper $13.99
9781642790962 Anny and Allie Rubel, Nicole Morgan James Pub 03/05/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Family / Siblings Paper $8.95
9781642790573 Oni and the Kingdom of Onion Rubenstein, Marc/ Miller, Hannah (ILT)/ Richardson, Noelle (ILT) Morgan James Pub 12/04/2018 Juvenile Fiction / Holidays & Celebrations / Hanukkah Paper $9.95
9781642791709 Return to the Wilds C., Cindy Morgan James Pub 04/23/2019 Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / General Paper $10.95
9781936644223 Creative Creature Catcher 1 Brittenham, Skip (CRT)/ Haberlin, Brian (CON)/ VanDyke, Geirrod (ILT) Anomaly Publishing 04/16/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Baby Animals Cloth $19.99
9781513261447 Yao Bai and the Egg Pirates Myers, Tim J./ Pang Bonnie (ILT) Westwinds Press 04/09/2019 Juvenile Fiction / People & Places / United States / Asian American Cloth $16.99
9781773212487 Diana Dances Lozano, Luciano Annick Press 03/12/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Performing Arts / Dance Cloth $18.95
9781773212432 Bad Boys of Fashion: Style Rebels and Renegades Through the Ages Croll, Jennifer/ Pacholska, Aneta (ILT) Annick Press 04/09/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Art / Fashion Cloth $24.95
9781773212395 Digging Deep: How Science Unearths Puzzles from the Past Scandiffio, Laura Annick Press 04/09/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Social Science / Archaeology Cloth $24.95
9781773212357 A Cave in the Clouds: A Young Woman’s Escape from Isis Ahmed, Badeeah Hassan/ Mcclelland, Susan Elizabeth (CON) Annick Press 04/09/2019 Young Adult Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Social Activists Cloth $18.95
9781605374321 To Catch an Elephant Westgate, Vanessa Clavis Pub 06/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Elephants Cloth $17.95
9781605374574 The Big Five Makatini, Bella/ Abbot, Judi (ILT) Clavis Pub 06/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Animals / General Cloth $17.95
9781605374611 Sweet Dreams, Zaza Freeman, Mylo Clavis Pub 08/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Bedtime & Dreams Cloth $14.95
9781605374598 Fall With Lily and Milo Oud, Pauline Clavis Pub 08/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Concepts / Seasons Reinforced $14.95
9781605374079 A Kiss for Giraffe Koppens, Judith/ Diederen, Suzanne (ILT) Clavis Pub 04/01/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Social Themes / Friendship Cloth $14.95
9788416733385 Kubi Meets Rosita Speyer, Erik/ Speyer, Erik (ILT) Cuento De Luz 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Dogs Cloth $16.95
9781609455071 The Missing of Clairdelune Dabos, Christelle/ Serle, Hildegarde (TRN) Europa Editions Inc 05/07/2019 Young Adult Fiction / Fantasy / Epic Cloth $20.95
9780571348756 The Hug Mclaughlin, Eoin/ Dunbar, Polly (ILT) Faber & Faber 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General Cloth $15.95
9781554989645 The Mostly True Story of Pudding Tat, Adventuring Cat Adderson, Caroline/ Innerst, Stacy (ILT) Groundwood Books 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories Cloth $16.95
9781773060767 Moon Wishes Storms, Patricia/ Storms, Guy/ Pavlovic, Milan (ILT) Groundwood Books 03/05/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Bedtime & Dreams Cloth $17.95
9781554989720 Operatic MacLear, Kyo/ Eggenschwiler, Byron (ILT) Groundwood Books 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Comics & Graphic Novels / General Cloth $19.95
9781773061825 Gargantua Jr! Slyvester, Kevin Groundwood Books 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Family / Parents Cloth $18.95
9781773061023 Friends Valério, Geraldo/ Valério, Geraldo (ILT) Groundwood Books 03/05/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Mermaids Cloth $19.95
9781554989799 The Biggest Puddle in the World Lee, Mark/ Dion, Nathalie (ILT) Groundwood Books 03/05/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Nature & the Natural World / General (see also headings under Animals) Cloth $18.95
9781773061047 How Emily Saved the Bridge: The Story of Emily Warren Roebling and the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge Wishinsky, Frieda/ Nelson, Natalie (ILT) Groundwood Books 05/07/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Biography & Autobiography / Science & Technology Cloth $19.95
9781771473057 Camp Average Battle, Craig Owlkids 04/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Sports & Recreation / Camping & Outdoor Activities Cloth $16.95
9781771473156 You Are Never Alone Kelsey, Elin/ Kim, Soyeon (ILT) Owlkids 04/15/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Science & Nature / Environmental Science & Ecosystems Cloth $18.95
9789383145485 Painting Everything in the World Hamir, Harsingh (ILT) Tara Pubns 04/15/2019 Juvenile Fiction / General Cloth $19.95
9781773060743 Cooking With Bear: A Story and Recipes from the Forest Hodge, Deborah/ Cinar, Lisa (ILT) Groundwood Books 04/02/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Cooking & Food Cloth $19.95
9780781813914 My First Polish Dictionary Walter, Elzbieta (TRN) Hippocrene Books 03/05/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Foreign Language Study / General Paper $17.95
9780781813945 My First Korean Dictionary Song, Mihee (TRN) Hippocrene Books 03/05/2019 Juvenile Nonfiction / Foreign Language Study / General Paper $17.95
9781620974698 Lies My Teacher Told Me for Young Readers: Everything American History Textbooks Get Wrong Loewen, James W./ Stefoff, Rebecca (ADP) New Press 04/23/2019 History / United States / General Cloth $19.99
9780768943375 Peterson’s Act Prep Guide 2019 Peterson’s (COR) Petersons 05/14/2019 Study Aids / ACT Paper $19.95
9781949520019 Training Camp Bryant, Kobe/ King, Wesley Granity 03/19/2019 Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic Cloth $18.99
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Jan 8, 2019 Ingram- Morsels for you Mind Publisher Preview
Ingram – Morsels for you Mind Publishers Preview
ISBN Title Author Publisher Pub Date Category Binding Price
Two Rivers
9781947892378 The Secret Ingredient Naigle, Nancy Hallmark Pub 02/12/2019 Fiction / Romance / Clean & Wholesome Paper $15.99
9780789213341 The Seventies: A Photographic Journey Resnick, Ira M. (PHT) Abbeville Press 03/27/2019 Photography / Subjects & Themes / Historical Cloth $40.00
9780789213242 The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the Toddler Years, 12-36 Months Brott, Armin A. Abbeville Press 05/14/2019 Family & Relationships / Parenting / Fatherhood Cloth $24.95
9789774169007 The Woman from Tantoura: A Novel from Palestine Ashour, Radwa/ Heikkinen, Kay (TRN) American Univ In Cairo Press 03/05/2019 Fiction / Political Paper $17.95
9781946885944 Superlative: The Biology of Extremes Laplante, Matthew D. Benbella Books 04/30/2019 Science / Life Sciences / Biology Cloth $24.95
9780253040039 Think Like a Dog: How Dogs Teach Us to Be Happy in Life and Successful at Work MacDonald, Scott/ Sadie (COR) Indiana Univ Press 04/01/2019 Pets / Dogs / General Paper $20.00
9781635766196 Dead in the Water: My Forty-year Search for My Brother’s Killer Farmer, Penny Diversion Books 04/02/2019 True Crime / Murder / General Paper $15.99
9781633696303 Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World Buckingham, Marcus/ Goodall, Ashley Harvard Business School 04/02/2019 Self-Help / Motivational & Inspirational Cloth $30.00
9781620974650 Minutes of Glory: And Other Stories Ngugi wa Thiong’o New Press 03/05/2019 Fiction / Literary Cloth $24.99
9781620973196 Guns Down: How to Defeat the Nra and Build a Safer Future With Fewer Guns Volsky, Igor New Press 04/09/2019 Political Science / Political Process / Political Advocacy Cloth $25.99
9781446307274 Nautical Quilts: 12 Stitched and Quilted Projects Celebrating the Sea Anderson, Lynette Sewandso 05/07/2019 Crafts & Hobbies / Quilts & Quilting Paper $24.99
9780802147301 The Last Stone: A Masterpiece of Criminal Interrogation Bowden, Mark Atlantic Monthly Press 04/02/2019 True Crime / Murder / General Cloth $27.00
9780802129437 The Parisian Hammad, Isabella Grove Press 04/09/2019 Fiction / Literary Cloth $27.00
9780802129031 The Bird King Wilson, G. Willow Grove Press 03/12/2019 Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Cloth $26.00
9781786891198 Salt on Your Tongue: Women and the Sea Runcie, Charlotte Canongate Books 03/05/2019 Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs Cloth $24.00
9781683319979 Little Darlings Golding, Melanie Crooked Lane Books 04/30/2019 Fiction / Thrillers / Supernatural Cloth $26.99
9781683319443 The Psychology of Time Travel Mascarenhas, Kate Crooked Lane Books 02/12/2019 Fiction / Science Fiction / Time Travel Cloth $26.99
9781771643887 The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things -— Stories from Science and Observation Wohlleben, Peter/ Billinghurst, Jane (TRN) Greystone Books 03/05/2019 Nature / Plants / Trees Cloth $24.95
9781597144735 How a Mountain Was Made: Stories Sarris, Greg Heyday Books 03/05/2019 Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs Paper $18.00
9781938235481 The Magnetic Girl Handler, Jessica Hub City Press 04/09/2019 Fiction / Historical / General Cloth $27.00
9781487005221 The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Ringland, Holly Pub Group West (Smaller Imprints) 03/05/2019 Fiction / Literary Paper $17.95
9781948062329 For Alison: The Murder of a Young Journalist and a Father’s Fight for Gun Safety Parker, Andy/ Kaine, Tim (FRW)/ Williams Ben R. (CON) Apollo Pub 03/05/2019 Social Science / Violence in Society Cloth $26.99
9781732695207 Beauty Water: Rejuvenate, Heal, and Beautify Through Everyday Hydration Holmes, Tori Dovetail 04/23/2019 Health & Fitness / Body Cleansing & Detoxification Cloth $25.00
9781640971264 Fodor’s the Complete Guide to the National Parks of the West Fodor’s Travel Guides (COR) Fodors Travel Pubns 04/02/2019 Travel / Parks & Campgrounds Paper $24.99
9781784945053 Jomo Knits: 21 Projects to Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out Boggis, Christine Guild Of Master Craftsman Pubns Ltd 04/23/2019 Crafts & Hobbies / Needlework / Knitting Paper $22.95
9781643375038 Snow Day Wazem, Pierre/ Aubin (COR) Humanoids Inc 04/16/2019 Comics & Graphic Novels / Crime & Mystery Paper $14.95
9781588383310 American Founders: How People of African Descent Established Freedom in the New World Proenza-Coles, Christina Newsouth Inc 03/15/2019 Social Science / Ethnic Studies / African American Studies Cloth $29.95
9781597098465 The World Began With Yes Jong, Erica Red Hen Press 04/16/2019 Poetry / Women Authors Paper $16.95
9781631525711 The Parrot’s Perch: A Memoir Keilt, Karen She Writes Press 04/16/2019 Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs Paper $16.95
9781641550635 Workshops: Expert Advice for Designing a Great Woodshop in Any Space Fine Woodworking (COR) Taunton Press 05/14/2019 Crafts & Hobbies / Woodwork Paper $24.95
9781684422159 A Bunny Named Barnaby: It’s a Bun Life Russell, Katja/ Mcginn, Nick, Jr. Turner Pub Co 04/09/2019 Humor / Topic / Animals Cloth $14.99
9781911508304 Something Like Breathing Readman, Angela And Other Stories 01/15/2019 Fiction / Literary Paper $15.95
9781566895316 Savage Conversations Howe, Leanne Coffee House Press 02/05/2019 Fiction / Literary Paper $15.95
9781617756634 A Student of History Revoyr, Nina Akashic Books 03/05/2019 Fiction / Literary Cloth $27.95
9781939931641 The Goose Fritz Lebedev, Sergei/ Bouis, Antonina W. (TRN) New Vessel Press 03/19/2019 Fiction / Sagas Paper $17.95
9781947534599 Questions I Am Asked About the Holocaust Fried, Hédi/ Olsson, Alice E. (TRN) Scribe Pubns Pty Ltd 04/02/2019 Biography & Autobiography / Jewish Cloth $20.00
9781945492150 All My Goodbyes Dimópulos, Mariana/ Whitmore, Alice (TRN) Consortium Book (Smaller Imprints) 02/05/2019 Fiction / Women Paper $15.95
9781912242092 Evil Things Ivar, Katja Bitter Lemon Press 02/06/2019 Fiction / Mystery & Detective / International Mystery & Crime Paper $14.95
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Ingram – Morsels for you Mind Publisher Preview 2019!


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Congratulations Derrick Barnes & Gordon C. James!
Congratulations Derrick Barnes & Gordon C. James!



Safe to say, there’s nothing like the feeling of the fresh cut. You feel so extra visible with a fresh new cut, and this book built from that experience translates it in a way never before brought to the children’s bookshelf. Basquiat-inspired king insignias and a bit of Kehinde Wiley flair shape portraits of all the various ways men (and women too!) come into the black barbershop to restore their cool, leaving the chair with high self-esteem, self-pride, and confidence—if only for as long as their hairlines remain crisp. It’s sacred. The all-important line and the diverse styles take center stage here.


One of the best reads for young black boys in years, it should be in every library, media center, and, yes, barbershop. (Picture book. 5-12)

Kirkus page 

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Congratulations to Rebecca Solnit
Congratulations to Rebecca Solnit


Solnit is careful with her words (she always is) but never so much that she mutes the infuriated spirit that drives these essay.


For those heartsick at Trumpism, essayist and Harper’s contributing editor Solnit (The Mother of All Questions, 2017, etc.) offers context and support. Optimism? You’re on your own. Read full book review

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Bound by Cultural Expectations…
Bound by Cultural Expectations…
Two Zapatista women, bound by cultural expectations, struggle to express the truth of their lives in the highlands of Chiapas.

When a woman rises, a community is nourished. In the Maya township of Chenalhó in Chiapas, Veronica, a teenage girl, is recovering from a disastrous early marriage. Spurred on by a community program of women telling their stories, she asks her mother Magdalena to record the story of her growing up and that of her best friend, Lucia.

 Highlighted in School Library Journal  list of “September Stars”


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Searching for a sense of identity and belonging…
Searching for a sense of identity and belonging…

This is a beautifully written story about a child searching for a sense of identity and belonging, by debut picture-book author Francie Latour. Illustrator Ken Daley has drawn on his knowledge of the Caribbean to create vibrant paintings that convey the flavor of life in Haiti. With a brief introduction to the history of Haiti, including a few of its heroes.

Highlighted in School Library Journal list of September Stars. 


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Unique Magical Powers
Unique Magical Powers


* Starred review from School Library Journal and was highlighted on their list of “September Stars”!!! “Translated from French, this international best-seller is world-building at its best. The unusual settings, original characters, dark intrigue, originality, and fast-moving plot result in a book that leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next volume. It has great adult crossover as the characters and situations cross age levels. ”

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Liza Jane believed she could find better parents. So she fired her mom and dad and hired the first applicant who came to the door–what could possibly go wrong?

“A girl frustrated with her parents’ rules fires them and hires a dragon to take their place.”
Publishers Weekly, Fall 2018 Announcements

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Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (Vol. 1 & 2)
Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs (Vol. 1 & 2)

In June of 2017, an international group of specialists in ethnopharmacology, chemistry, botany, psychology, and anthropology met to discuss their findings of the last fifty years and assess the potential future for investigations into traditional plant-based medicines. The Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs is the defining scholarly publication on both past and current research with psychotropic plant substances for medicinal, therapeutic, and spiritual uses.


A defining scholarly publication on the past and current state of research with psychedelic plant substances for medicine, therapeutics, and spiritual uses

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