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Love is In the Air

Love is In the Air

HEART OF THE CITY by Ariel Sabar

Heart of the City is inspired by the author’s parents’ own New York love story.  Sharing the true stories of ordinary people from starkly different backgrounds brought together by the strange romantic workings of New York’s landscape. This is not a collection of sappy love stories, but a look at how the ecology of New York’s iconic public spaces can turn utter strangers into partners for life. In Heart of the City, places like Central Park, The Met, The New York Public Library, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal and the Subway are not just stops on a tourist map. They are love labs. They are places whose design, history, and social dynamics propel the unlikeliest of people together.

Town and Country Culture Top 10 piece (Feb issue)

“Ask anyone from Woody Allen to Carrie Bradshaw: there’s no love story quite like a New York love story.  In Heart of the City Ariel Sabar tells nine true—and very moving—stories of people who met in the Big Apple.”

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