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Snow, snow, go away

Snow, snow, go away

I woke up this morning to a fresh coat of snow on the ground. The 7-day forecast calls for 5 days of snow. I know this is Minnesota but c’mon—really? More snow? It’s March!

We’ve seen 76 inches of snow this winter, with another 6 inches to come this week, and a potential “big storm” a week away. Sigh. I want flowers! And blue skies! Green grass! And spring. Give me spring.

One of my favorite photography books looks at snow as an art form. It’s called Snowbound, by Lisa M. Robinson. It’s a few years old, and my copy is battered and stained, but the photos inside are worth picking it up. Lisa’s photos capture cold landscapes with an intimacy that makes you look twice. Each photo is offset by a white page with a single title, giving the book an overall white theme. After a few pages, you begin to notice the different colors in the snow—you might even catch a shiver or two. And while I usually like to flip through this book during heat waves in August, it’s a good reminder for a day like today: that it could definitely be worse.

Photos from the book are on the photographer’s website. Be prepared to feel the chill.

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