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Unearthing Our Ancestors

Unearthing Our Ancestors


Born in Africa: The Quest for the Origins of Human Life

The book follows the endeavours of scientists striving to uncover the mysteries of human origins over the past hundred years. The obstacles they faced have been formidable. Some seven million years have passed since the precursors of humankind began to evolve in Africa. The only signs of their existence are fossil remains concealed in a landscape that has changed dramatically in that time. 

“An appealing account of human evolution and the fiercely competitive anthropologists who are unearthing our ancestors’ remains and arguing over what they mean…. The author does a superb job of describing the nuts-and-bolts of field research, the meaning of the often headline-producing findings and the ever-changing variety of species who split off from the common ancestors of chimpanzees and hominids.” —Kirkus, starred

Martin Meredith’s -NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” for BORN IN AFRICA Thursday, May 12.

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