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Author Marie-Louise Gay of the adored Stella and Sam series has a new book that just came out this week, Caramba and Henry. The name Caramba may be familiar to some of you since Gay introduced us to the character back in 2005 in the title Caramba.  Caramba is a sweet, shy cat who bravely accepts that he is different, and then discovers his own special talent. Now Caramba has a little brother, Henry, and having a kid brother is not all fun and games as was expected. “Gay puts many delightful quirks into a highly recognizable tale of sibling rivalry, and her singular illustrations—a delicate mix of watercolor, pencil, pastels and acrylics—are unique and captivating. Her matter-of-fact text charms: ‘He whirled his tail like a tiny egg beater.’” says starred review of Caramba and Henry in Kirkus Reviews earlier this month. This is a great new book to recommend to families dealing with sibling rivalry.

Caramba and Henry
ISBN-13 978-1-55498-097-0
Trade Cloth, $17.95
Now Available

ISBN-13 978-0-88899-667-1
Trade Cloth, $17.95
Now Available

Published by Groundwood Books

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