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True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgment and Stunningly Awkward Adventure

True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgment and Stunningly Awkward Adventure

A BAD IDEA I’M ABOUT TO DO  by Chris Gethard



 “Self-hating funny guy comes to terms with his depression…he’s easy to root for…the author has a good time laughing at himself.” —Kirkus Reviews

“If you like underdog stories told by a secret comedy superhero, Chris Gethard is your man. Each story is the perfect combination of hilarious and heartbreaking.—Amy Poehler

 “Chris Gethard is comedy in a fighter’s crouch. His stories travel through adolescence and New Jersey with a sweetness and rage that makes you both wish you were there and feel like you were.”—Seth Meyers

 “There’s truly no poorer judgment than not buying this book. Except maybe diving into a swimming pool full of malaria.”—Patton Oswalt

 “Whenever I’m feeling down on myself or think that I’m slowly going crazy, I think of one of Gethard’s stories. Then I realize that, hey, I don’t got it so bad after all.”—Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock 

 “Chris Gethard tells the amazing stories an eccentric old man would tell…if that man had lived his fucking life with any balls. His stories are hilarious and riveting—but more importantly, real.”—Rob Huebel, Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital and MTV’s Human Giant

“Chris Gethard stories are like a roller coaster—at times you are scared, shocked, and ultimately exhilarated by the hilarity each story contains—and once you finish one, you wanna hear another one right away.”—Paul Scheer, FX’s The League and Adult Swim’s NTSF: SD: SUV

 “Chris Gethard is one of my favorite storytellers. He’s amazing! He’s always getting into the most unusual situations…even normal situations become amazing when you’re Chris Gethard. Seriously, when Geth is talking, I stop and listen.”—Rob Riggle, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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