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Many are familiar with graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi for her autobiographical book and film, Persepolis. Her newest book, The Sigh, is quite different than her previous works though just as wonderful. In fact, The Sigh recently got some starred attention in Booklist Magazine. This book is one that will appeal across age ranges for its traditional fairy tale storyline which pairs beautifully with Satrapi’s signature artwork. Whether a children’s book lover or graphic novel buff, this is a story worth cuddling up with.

Here’s what reviewer Jesse Karp had to say about The Sigh “While it is distinctly not a graphic novel in the traditional sense, some of the iconography of sequential art is effortlessly and poetically woven into imagery with thick, dark lines and emotionally resonant colors that suggest both the simplicity of a youthful perspective and a more mature emotional complexity. Containing fairy tale–appropriate gruesomeness and cruelty along with its happy ending, the all-ages story never loses touch with the childhood it is looking to illuminate.”

The Sigh
Published by Archaia Entertainment

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