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When Imaginations Run Wild

These new books from Owlkids’ Spring list celebrate the imagination and both received starred reviews in February’s Kirkus. Their mind wandering characters capture our attention and will engage the creative imaginations of young listeners and readers.

All by Myself is about a group of baby chicks whose mama has gone off to gather food. As the hen is gone, all the chicks begin to worry about the length of her absence which sparks some inventive scenarios; will a fox come? What if mama never comes back?  “This superlatively cute look at the bond between mother and child takes a proud place next to Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson’s Owl Babies (1992)” says Kirkus of this sweet story that highlights not just what happens when minds wander but the love between a mother and her chicks.

Martin on the Moon is another great story addressing one child’s coping with first-day jitters. With poetic language we learn about Martin’s cat, Happy, and his trips to the river with his Mum Mum. When Martin’s teacher rouses him from daydreaming “Where are you Martin? On the moon?” he has to quickly explain where his mind has wandered off to; a teachable moment arises out of Martin sharing his thoughts. Kirkus notes “No classroom clichés here. Rather, creativity and inspired teaching in full bloom.”

All by Myself
by Geraldine Collet, Illustrated by Coralie Saudo
9781926973128, Trade Cloth, $15.95, available in March 2012

Martin on the Moon
by Martine Audet, Illustrated by Luc Melanson
9781926973166, Trade Cloth, $15.95, available in April 2012

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