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I’m Not a Plastic Bag

I’m Not a Plastic Bag

Not too many people are aware of the growing island of trash that is forming in the northern Pacific Ocean. This remarkable graphic novel, I’m Not a Plastic Bag by Rachel Hope Allison, introduces us to the massive beast known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch in this incredible wordless story. By turning a floating heap of garbage into a sympathetic character longing for company in its lonely surroundings, one may argue that giving the trash pile a heart may not inspire readers to fight against what our waste is creating. But raising awareness on the existence of phenomenon like this is bound to encourage a more responsible lifestyle for those who pick up this book. When examining the illustrations closely, it is the environment surrounding the garbage pile that stood out in my mind. The monster floating in the ocean has ample time to reflect on the simple pleasures of nature — the few humans depicted in the book are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the big city, creating the litter that eventually makes its way to this clump of garbage in the sea. In short, this book leaves its readers with a lot to think about.

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