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The Intouchables

The Intouchables

The true story of the charming Algerian con man whose friendship with a disabled French aristocrat inspired the record-breaking hit movie The Intouchables (US release coming June 2012.)

Abdel Sellou’s fictional reincarnation, Driss, played by Omar Sy in the movie Les Intouchables, captured the hearts of millions with his edgy charm. Already a bestseller in France and Germany immediately upon publication, You Changed My Life shows us the real man behind Sy’s smiling face. The book takes us from his childhood spent stealing candy, to a career as a pickpocket and scam artist, to his unexpected employment as a companion for a quadriplegic aristocrat, Philippe Pozzo di Borgo.

Sellou’s idiosyncratic and candidly charming voice is magnificently captured in this memoir, a fact to which di Borgo testifies in his touching preface. And though his story is often serious, he narrates with wit and charm. Sellou has never before divulged the details of his past—in interviews, he has always evaded questions of his childhood and stay in prison, until now. And he tells his story with a stunning amount of talent, humor, style, and—though he denies he has any—humility.

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