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We caught fish in our ponds. We ate some of them, too.

We caught fish in our ponds. We ate some of them, too.


I enjoy sharing books and talking about the books I like a well as hearing about books that others recommend- especially books that Cindy recommends-I LOVED I Will Not Leave You Comfortless by Jeremy Jackson, from Milkweed.

 This is a wonderful graceful elegiac memoir. Utterly atmospheric, it literally slows your pulse down in the first chapters. Jackson writes beautifully of his childhood on a farm in Missouri, long summer days and frigid winters, his experiences with budding romance, family, farm life, school and you are pulled along until the summer he is ten, when his world changes with the death of his grandmother and the absence of his older sister as she goes off to college.

It’s as if he is yanked out of childhood too early and we mourn the loss with him.

I cannot say enough about his beautiful writing. So I won’t. Just read it. It is SO worth it.

 Cindy Heidemann

 Field Sales 

PGW and Perseus

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