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Three Lives in the New Yorker

Three Lives in the New Yorker

The August 27 issue of The New Yorker includes an essay-length review of Three Lives, Oliver Matuschek’s revealing biography of Stefan Zweig. Comparing it to Zweig’s own autobiography, The World of Yesterday, reviewer Leo Carey notes that Three Lives “shows the extent to which Zweig’s public facade masked a tormented and unpredictable private self. The Zweig that emerges isn’t quite the moral authority he avowedly aspired to be. He’s far more lively and human, and his frailties, rather than his noble aspirations, emerge as the source of his best work.” Pushkin Press, along with The New York Review of Books, is listed as a an important publisher in keeping Zweig’s work alive, “often in fine new translations by Anthea Bell.”

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