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A Few Bites

A Few Bites

Thanksgiving is around the corner and parents of picky-eaters around the country are probably thinking about how they are going to get their little ones to try out what’s on their holiday plates. There are a lot of wonderful books out there for kids that have little interest in tasting the broad selection of foods out there and you can add A Few Bites by Cybele Young to that list.

Young’s book is a beautiful site to behold and it also gives some of us ideas on encouraging children to eat their food. On top of it being a story of a reluctant eater it highlights the nice part about sibling relationships where they are not “squabbling over this toy or that” says Pamela Paul in a recent New York Times article, “Viola actually wants to help Ferdie learn to like his vegetables” she adds. Not only hasĀ A Few Bites gotten praise from the New York Times but it also received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews!

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