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The Spirit of Giving

The Spirit of Giving

Today, it’s 12 degrees here in Minnesota. Even for those of us used to the cold, the wind had an extra bite this morning. Today is also Cyber Monday, a day when most people in the US buy a Christmas gift or two online.

While I drove to work on this cold day of digital shopping, I thought of The Mitten Tree, a book from Fulcrum Publishing. I love the story: Sarah lives alone, and watches the local children at the bus stop outside her window every morning. One day, she notices one of the children isn’t wearing mittens. She knits him a pair, and hangs them on the tree next to the stop. The little boy notices the mittens, and is delighted. Sarah then proceeds to knit mittens for all of the bus stop children, leaving them in the tree in the morning. After she has used all of her yarn to knit warm mittens for everyone, she opens her door to discover a basketful of yarn on her doorstep.

The Mitten Tree is a wonderful, sweet little story about the joy that comes from giving from the heart–a message we could all enjoy during this season of giving.

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