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Living With Guns- A Liberal Case for the Second Amendment By Craig R. Whitney

“Were there to be a reasoned debate about gun control in the United States, Craig R. Whitney might make an ideal moderator…. He has produced a well-researched and nuanced work about the history of the Second Amendment and attitudes toward gun control from Plymouth Rock to the current Supreme Court.” —Philadelphia Inquirer

Living With Guns is a fascinating and provocative illumination of America’s centuries-long battle over gun control. No matter what your views on guns, you’ll find yourself unable to put down this riveting history and thoughtful analysis of one of America’s most contentious issues. Fair-minded, astute, and balanced, Living With Guns will change the way you think about guns and gun control.” —Adam Winkler, Author of Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America


Washington Post quoting author Craig Whitney

A fresh and balanced argument.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Guns: who can carry them? Where can they be carried, and how? These are questions that deeply divide Americans. In this timely and compelling book Craig Whitney suggests ways for the most hardened gun-rights and gun-control advocates to find common ground. This book is essential reading.” —Anthony Lewis, former columnist for the New York Times

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