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Starred Library Journal Review for Bradley & Taylor THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PARADOX

Starred Library Journal Review for Bradley & Taylor   THE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PARADOX

Starred Review on December 1, 2013 | Science and Technology

Bradley (public health, Yale Univ.) and Taylor (former program manager, Yale Global Health Leadership Inst.) take a fresh look at the reasons why Americans pay more for health care and yet are not as healthy as residents of other industrialized nations, specifically Scandinavian countries. The authors interviewed more than 80 health policy specialists and consumers to help formulate their theories. A key factor is the amount of money other countries spend on social services, treating not just a patient’s physical needs but the whole person. The authors consider many factors, such as the necessity for professional collaboration, beliefs in the causes of illness, views on self-reliance, the Scandinavian emphasis on the collective—rather than the individual—good, and the role of government in a democracy. They offer encouragement to programs that have improved the health of individuals in selected American neighborhoods and suggest ways to expand these programs. The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, focuses mainly on providing health care to those previously uninsured, but the authors state that it will most likely not address the root cause of the paradox. While there are many contemporary titles about health care, there is little information available in book format about this specific conundrum. Chapter notes are also included, from professional journals, books, and governmental websites. VERDICT This remarkably well-written, lucid work is highly appropriate for public and academic libraries.—Martha Stone, Treadwell Lib., BostonLibrary Journal Booksmack! LJXpress Prepub

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