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You Are Stardust from Owlkids ranked at #2!


This innovative picture book aims to reintroduce children to their innate relationship with the world around them by sharing many of the surprising ways that we are all connected to the natural world.

Grounded in current science, this extraordinary picture book provides opportunities for children to use their imaginations and wonder about some big ideas. Soyeon Kim’s incredible diorama art enhances the poetic text, and her creative process is explored in full on the reverse side of the book’s jacket, which features comments from the artist. Young readers will want to pore over each page of this book, exploring the detailed artwork and pondering the message of the text, excited to find out just how connected to the Earth they really are.

Brain Pickings ranked You Are Stardust as #2 on their list of the 13 best children’s, illustrated, and picture books of 2013, AND #2 on their list of the 13 best Science and Technology Books of 2013 (for adults!).

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Contributor Information
ELIN KELSEY is an internationally respected leader in the field of environmental science and education, as well as the award-winning author of Not Your Typical Book About The Environment and other books for children and adults. She consults around the world on environmental projects and is a Research Fellow at the Cairns Institute, James Cook University in Australia and an adjunct professor at Royal Roads University. She lives in Pacific Grove, California.

Soyeon Kim is a Toronto-based, Korean-born artist who specializes in work that merges real-world materials and fine sketching and painting techniques to produce three-dimensional pieces. She is a graduate of the Visual Arts program at York University in Toronto.

Contributor Residences
Soyeon Kim lives in Toronto ON, Canada.
Elin Kelsey lives in Pacific Grove, CA.

Trade Cloth, Picture Book
US $18.95
Owlkids Books Fall 2012
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