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Zero Fade grabs nods from Kirkus and Slate!

Zero Fade grabs nods from Kirkus and Slate!

Congratulations to Chris L. Terry and Curbside Splendor! Chris’s book, Zero Fade, has been selected for the Best Teen Books of 2013 list from Kirkus Reviews! Not to be outdone, Dan Kois at Slate chose Zero Fade for his Favorite Books of 2013 list!

Kirkus Reviews called Zero Fade “Original, hilarious, thought-provoking and wicked smart: not to be missed.”

Dan Kois at Slate said, “I loved Zero Fade for its great period detail and its honesty about its main character’s emotions—including his confusion and concern about an uncle who’s coming out to his family.”

Set in 1994, Zero Fade chronicles eight days in the life of Kevin Phifer as he deals with a bad haircut, crushes on girls, being grounded, and coming to terms with his own homophobia as his idol Uncle Paul comes out as gay. It is an important read for students (ages 12 and up), but adults will find the story—and its frequent references to mid-’90s pop culture—entertaining as well. Zero Fade is a necessary addition to any school or library.

But if that’s not enough, here’s some more love for Zero Fade:

– Chris attended the Texas Book Fest this year, beating Jonathan Lethem, Nina McConigley and Sasha West at Literary Death Match.

– At largehearted boy, Chris completed a playlist for Zero Fade, including tracks by Mary J. Blige, The Isley Brothers, and Redman.

– At Dear Teen Me, Chris wrote a letter to his teenage self, proffering advice on growing older and trying new things.

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