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I Dreamt…A Book About Hope features in LMC reviews

“This book is a beautiful escape from everyday life. The book includes stunning artwork 9781554983308from some of Mexico’s best illustrators.  It is a collaboration and as such the illustrations are varied, each with a different style.  The art adds to the effectiveness of the book in that the “hopeful” illustrations are soothing, and the violent ones convey an effective message.  The original intended audience was Mexican children who have lived through gang warfare and random acts of violence.  However, the book is relevant to children all over the world.  The technique conveys the message and enhances the illustrations.  The text compares violence with positive things, putting a positive spin on very dark subjects.  This beautifully illustrated book could be used as “bibliotherapy” and as a way of opening discussions about topics that are scary for children.  It could be used to begin a writing lesson or a discussion for all age groups.”  ~ Jennifer Welch, Librarian, Thomas Crossroads Elementary School, Sharpsburg, Georgia

 I dreamt that wars are always fought with flowers…


I dreamt of pistols that shoot butterflies…


I dreamt that phones could turn any hurtful words into songs…

Gabriela Olmos is the editorial director at the prestigious Mexican publishing house Artes de Mexico. She is also the noted author of Zoología poética, Pintores mexicanos de la A a la Z and El zopilote y la chirímia. She lives in Mexico City.

Gabriela  Olmos lives in Mexico City, Mexico.
Elisa Amado lives in Toronto, ON, Canada.

I DREAMT . . .    
Trade Cloth, Picture Book
US $18.95
Groundwood Books Spring 2013
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