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Depression- Listen… Don’t analyze…. Don’t wait for your friend to reach out to you…..

Depression- Listen… Don’t analyze…. Don’t wait for your friend to reach out to you…..


THE DEPTHS mentioned in Elizabeth Bernstein’s column in the 8/26/14 issue of the Wall Street Journal on how to be a friend to someone with depression, and Jonathan Rottenberg is quoted throughout.


THE DEPTHS: The Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic

By Jonathan Rottenberg

ISBN: 9780465022212



“The book’s scope and ambition are remarkable. In calling for a closer study of shallow, as opposed to deep, depression Rottenberg makes a smart point that is often ignored. To understand depression and have any hope of a cure, we need to look at the full spectrum of behavior—and the label of ‘mood’ makes such an investigation far more likely to succeed.”—New York Times Book Review (Short List)

The Depths: The Evolutionary Origins of the Depression Epidemic has the potential to revolutionize the way scientists study depression and therapists treat depression. It can provide hope for people with depression and understanding for their families.”—Psychology

 “Rottenberg’s practical style and talent for using real-world examples by real-world people to illustrate states of low and high mood is refreshing…the book is a wonderful first step for those who wish to better understand the illness from a scientific viewpoint. And it gives the reader hope by suggesting that depression is a common, albeit painful, human experience: that a low mood does not mean we have failed.”—PsychCentral

“[A] stimulating book that synthesizes research and memoir.”—Publishers Weekly

 “In this provocative presentation of the natural history and evolution of depression, the bottom line is, strangely, both deflating and hopeful: “Low mood is both inescapable and sometimes useful.”—Booklist

 “An important contribution to [Rottenberg’s] stated aim of promoting ‘an adult national conversation about depression.’”—Kirkus Reviews




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