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Annick, Groundwood, and Owlkids in SLJ!

Annick Press, Groundwood, and Owlkids Books have been featured in a School Library Journal article highlighting diversity in Canadian children’s book publishing! This article focuses on diversity and “the inclusivity of—and the collaboration between—the publishing industry and public libraries in Canada.” The publishing environment in Canada is particularly unique because of Canada’s two official languages (French and English), the prominence of independent publishers, and publishers’ commitments to “prioritizing the caliber of their titles over the potential bottom line.”

Here is what SLJ says about our PGW publishers:

“Of the many Canadian publishers displaying a diverse world through children’s books, Groundwood Books is a leader. ‘We are keeping the tradition of not considering sales and marketing,’ says Sheila Barry, president and publisher. ‘We concentrate on making the very best book.’ The strategy has worked. Groundwood titles are highly respected. In addition to the Bologna win, it has garnered awards in all the major book competitions in Canada.”

“The first year the Bologna prize was awarded, Annick Press was a nominee. Sounding a similar note to Groundwood’s Barry, Rick Wilks, director of Annick Press, stresses that his is an editorially driven company. ‘Annick needs to survive, but we want to publish books that make a difference,’ he says. Annick’s recent lists have featured nonfiction narratives that are as exciting as fiction. It’s had significant success with its contemporary tales from indigenous peoples. A prime example is Dreaming in Indian (2014; an SLJ Best Book), edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale.”

“While developing new Canadian talent, Owlkids has showcased international authors with books such as The Flat Rabbit (2014), a touching story of death from a Faroese writer, Bardur Oskarsson. Its singular advantage is direct access to children’s opinions through its magazines, Owl, Chirp, and Chickadee.”

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