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We kiss them with rain……
We kiss them with rain……

The terrible thing that steals 14-year-old Mvelo’s song leads to startling revelations and a hopeful outcome. This is a great book club read.

We Kiss Them With Rain explores both humor and tragedy in this modern-day fairytale set in a squatter camp outside Durban, South Africa, in which the things that seem to be are only a façade, and the things that are revealed and unveiled create a happier, thoroughly believable, alternative.

We walk amongst the living
We, the departed . . .
We wander the earth
Wondering about the orphans we left behind
We kiss them with rain . . .

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Mabanckou’s wacky, vibrant Black Moses….
Mabanckou’s wacky, vibrant Black Moses….



The reviews and praise keeps coming


“One of the most compelling books you’ll read in any language this year.” —Rolling Stone


“[Black Moses] rings with a beautiful poetry”—Wall Street Journal


“Vivid and funny”—New York Magazine


“Moses comes of age quickly in this offbeat bildungsroman…”—Chicago Tribune


“One of O’s Top 20 books to read this summer.”—O (The Oprah Magazine)


“This mythic, beguiling novel is a journey to discover what is hard-wired in us and what we make up about ourselves.”—Publishers Weekly STARRED Review


“[R]ibald, acerbic, and poignant… This tightly contained, densely packed story issues a challenge that never loses its urgency: how does a person cling to a sense of autonomy when it’s under siege by so many powerful forces?”—Kirkus STARRED review  


“Funny and sharply satiric… over several books… Mabanckou has created a vibrant world in which Pointe-Noir has taken on the stature of an African Yoknapatawpha county.”—Booklist

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People LOVE Eve Babitz!
People LOVE Eve Babitz!

A must read, we will be hearing a lot about this book in the next few months.   

  •             Belletrist July Book Pick
  •             Entertainment Weekly “Must List”

The popular rediscovery of Eve Babitz continues with this very special reissue of her novel, originally published in 1979, about a dreamy young girl moving between the planets of Los Angeles and New York City.

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A new book features fishing tales and recipes from acclaimed chefs….
A new book features fishing tales and recipes from acclaimed chefs….


I am very excited to share that Chef John Besh of  REEL MASTERS is going to be featured on The Today Show  9/12/17.  He will be doing two cooking demos with Kathie Lee & Hoda.  The cooking segments will be at  8:00am and 10:00am.

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I Me Mine – George Harrison
I Me Mine – George Harrison



This beautiful book includes lyrics to 141 George Harrison songs, with written lyrics as well as Harrison’s uniquely intimate and humorous commentary.

This is for every Beatle fan, especially those that favored George Harrison.  It is the closest we will ever come to his autobiography.

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No Is Not Enough
No Is Not Enough


The toolkit to help understand how we arrived at this surreal political moment.

“Naomi Klein is one of the few revolutionary public intellectuals of great integrity and vision. This new book confirms her crucial relevance and essential pertinence.”
—Cornel West, author, Race Matters

“Urgent, timely, and necessary.”
—Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor (Emeritus), MIT

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A Testament To The Power of Second Chances…….
A Testament To The Power of Second Chances…….

Review Quotes:
Praise for Becoming Ms. Burton
“Susan Burton is an angel among us. Her journey is a story of courage, compassion, and conviction. At turns harrowing and inspiring, Becoming Ms. Burton provides a valuable new perspective on the consequences of mass incarceration.”
Howard Schultz, executive chairman, Starbucks Coffee Company

“Susan Burton’s life and work are a testament to the power of second chances and the impact one person can have on the lives of others. Her book is a stirring and moving tour-de-force–a beautiful inspiration for all of us to continue to fight for justice.”
John Legend, actor, singer, and songwriter

“More than just a memoir, this account provides an intimate glimpse into the problems that plague the U.S. prison system.”  — Library Journal

“Burton has helped thousands of formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals, and now, by telling her story, she continues to advocate for a more humane justice system guided by compassion and dignity.”  — Booklist (starred)

“The book documents Burton’s tireless efforts to effect change—first helping individual women, released from prison with few resources, to make a new start, and then snowballing advocacy efforts at the state and national level to reshape how the United States treats those with criminal records.”– Publishers Weekly 

“A dramatic, honest, moving narrative of how hard life can get and how one can still overcome seemingly insurmountable adversity to do good in the world.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Susan’s life story is one our nation desperately needs to hear and understand. This is a story about personal transformation and collective power. It is about one woman’s journey to freedom, and in the process helping to free us all.”
Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow

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Hue 1968 by Mark Bowden
Hue 1968 by Mark Bowden

New York Times Bestsellers:

HUE 1968 / Mark Bowden (Atlantic Monthly / PGW)

#13, New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction

#10, New York Times Combined Print & ebook Nonfiction

Editors’ Choice: Staff Picks from the Book Review

Library Journal, Starred Review…. VERDICT……..this work provides a fascinating look at the challenges and horrors of urban warfare and is essential for anyone interested in the Vietnam War.—Joshua Wallace, Tarleton State Univ. Lib. Stephenville, TX

Booklist (06/01/2017): *Starred Review….. Best-selling Bowden… has created an epic masterpiece of heroism and sacrifice, and a testament to the tragic futility of the American experience in Vietnam. (Reprinted with permission of Booklist, copyright 2017, American Library Association.)

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Pulitzer Prize Winners 2017 -Congratulations to our authors!
Pulitzer Prize Winners 2017 -Congratulations to our authors!


World by Jim Morin has been selected for a Pulitzer for a distinguished cartoon or portfolio of cartoons, characterized by originality, editorial effectiveness, quality of drawing and pictorial effect, published as a still drawing, animation or both  Editorial Cartooning

“We’re lucky to have one of the very best, waiting with pen in hand to carve up the phonies, blowhards, crooks and hypocrites who make headlines. They might not want to end up in a Jim Morin cartoon, but they will.” – Carl Hiaasen 

“Jim Morin has all the attributes of a first-rate cartoonist. He has a clear idea how he feels about issues and he wants you to know about it. He then expresses himself clearly and concisely in a manner that is both exciting and explorative.” – Pat Oliphant

“Jim Morin is one of the great under-appreciated cartoonists of the last quarter century.” – The Comics Reporter



OLIO by Tyehimba Jess has won in the poetry category “For a distinctive work that melds performance art with the deeper art of poetry to explore collective memory and challenge contemporary notions of race and identity.”

 Matthew Zapruder, Editor-at-Large at Wave Books notes, “We are thrilled for Tyehimba, and truly honored to be his publisher. This feels like a victory for the entire independent publishing ecosystem, which supports exceptional artists like Tyehimba Jess and smaller presses like Wave Books, so we can continue to do this work and share it with readers.” OLIO weaves sonnet and song to examine the lives of the mostly unrecorded African American performers directly before and after the Civil War to WWI. Congratulations to Wave Books on their stunning first Pulitzer Prize winner!



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“Degrees of Inequality”
“Degrees of Inequality”


**LOWER ED is The Wall Street Journal’s April nonfiction book club pick. The clubs discussion, hosted on Facebook at the end of April, will be led by Roxane Gay.**

The Daily Show Interview

New York Times Book Review March 16, 2017

LOWER ED: The Troubling Rise of For-Profit Colleges in the New Economy, by Tressie McMillan Cottom. (New Press, $26.95.) Some two million Americans are enrolled in for-profit colleges, up from 400,000 in 2000. They are disproportionately nonwhite and female. They graduate with more debt than students who have attended public and nonprofit institutions, and are more likely to default on their loans. Cottom, a sociologist, has written the best book yet on the complex lives and choices of these students. In so doing, she questions the fundamental narrative of American education policy: that a postsecondary degree always guarantees a better life.




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